Paiporta expands municipal offices with a new location for Social Welfare

The Department of Social Welfare of the City of paiporta will have a new headquarters in the coming months. Is about a local purchased by the City Council for 360,000 euros (VAT and taxes included)located in the Plaza de Austria, in the surroundings of Villa Amparo, where the Day Center for the elderly will be located.

The new local Wellness PartnerIt has 456.70 square meters and will expand the municipal offices for an area currently located in the town hall and which, with this step forward, will have its own dependencies, better adapted to the needs of citizen care, both from a psychological, social and work point of view.

The Councilor for Social Welfare, Rafa Gadea, explained that “with the growth of the Social Welfare workforce, that has gone from five people to 22 in seven years, proper facilities were needed, with more space, and with a configuration adapted to the needs of a sensitive service, such as care for people in situations of vulnerability or in need”.

After the acquisition of the property, the reform and qualification of the premises will be tendered, with an estimated budget of 390,000 euros, which include the drafting of the project. Thereforethe total investment will be around 750,000 euros, although the final amount will not be known until the works to set up the premises are awarded.

In short, according to Gadea, “it is about improving public services and guaranteeing the social rights of Paiportino citizens and it is also what is recommended from a strictly professional point of view.”al: have their own dependencies, as well as other basic services and public, such as the health center or public schools.

At the same time, the transfer to the new dependencies of the Social Welfare Area will free up space in the town hall to expand the surface of which the rest of the municipal services will be able to have.

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