Panama captures and hands over to Guatemala the ex-military Toribio Acevedo Ramírez mentioned in the Diario Militar case

The Guatemalan security forces received this Wednesday, May 11, handed over by Panama, a former soldier accused of war crimes allegedly committed during the internal armed conflict, which left more than 250,000 dead and disappeared between 1960 and 1996.

The Guatemalan National Civil Police (PNC) detailed in a statement that the detainee is Toribio Acevedo Ramírez, 68, who was captured on Tuesday in Panama through an international red alert against him, for which he was sent to Guatemala.

Acevedo Ramírez, the authorities explained, was arrested by the Guatemalan police this Wednesday at the headquarters of the Guatemalan Migration Institute, at the La Aurora International Airport in Guatemala City, upon arrival on a flight from Panama.

Military Diary Case

According to the authorities, the Guatemalan was wanted for his alleged participation in the murders, forced disappearances and crimes against the duties of humanity that are contained in the case called “Military Diary”, which was declassified by the United States National Security Archive in 1999.

In the document, also called “Dossier of Death” and prepared by military intelligence, the cases of at least 183 of people who were considered “enemies of the state” and who were disappeared or murdered in the 1980s.

Precisely last Friday, a high-risk Guatemalan court sent 9 ex-police officers and ex-military personnel to trial for their involvement in the case, and therefore in the murder of almost 200 people.

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The internal armed conflict in Guatemala, which ended on December 29, 1996 with the signing of the Peace Agreements between the Government and the guerrillas, left at least 250 thousand victims, between dead and disappeared.

The nine retired military and police officers are accused of having participated in the murders, forced disappearances and rapes of at least 183 men and women, according to the “Diario Militar”.

According to various sources, Acevedo Ramírez intended to fly to Spain when he was arrested in Panama. EFE

Transferred to Mariscal Zavala

The soldier Acevedo Ramírez was transferred this Wednesday to the Mariscal Zavala prison after a court on duty notified him of the reasons for his arrest.

The first statement hearing will be in the High Risk Court B.

Just last May 6, Judge Miguel Ángel Gálvez decided to send to trial for murders, disappearances and sexual violence during the armed conflict in Guatemala (1960-1996) nine retired soldiers and policemen named in the Diario Militar case.

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