Panic in Time Square due to a strong explosion reported this Sunday night

A strong explosion was recorded on the night of this Sunday, April 10in the vicinity of the central sector of Times Square, in the center of Manhattan, New York, unleashing panic in the citizens and tourists who were in the sector.

Although at the moment, the authorities have not provided details of the reasons for the explosion, arguing that it is currently under investigation, they have given a piece of calm, warning that The event left no fatalities or injuries.

Videos show moments of panic

After the explosion, which occurred at approximately 6:50 pm, a wave of panic was unleashed among the people present in the area, who They did not understand what had happened, but they did try to find a safe place to shelter.

This situation was evidenced in a series of videos that have been shared through social networks, in which the confusing moments experienced by those present are appreciated, who undertook to flee from the place in different directions, and seeing, eventually, with evident expression of panic towards the area where the explosion would have occurred.

Another of the videos broadcast about the emergency shows from a more open plane the context in which the explosion occurred, without showing the exact place where it would have occurred, but the bewilderment and confusion that aroused in the concurrent to the emblematic commercial zone of Nueva York.

First versions delivered by international media indicate that the explosion would have originated inside a sewer, which was corroborated by the Fire Department that attends the emergency, an institution that warns about the existence of flames in three pipelines in the sector, that are being controlled, while checking that there are no possible leaks of dangerous gases or high concentrations of substances such as carbon monoxide.

Due to the emergency, the aforementioned sector It is completely cordoned off and closed for private access.

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