Paris Hilton would replace Amber Heard in ‘Aquaman 2’, according to a Warner producer

Neither Anne Hathaway nor Emilia Clarke, the socialite would be the winner of the role of Mera.

It would seem an extremely unlikely situation, but according to a leak from a Warner production company, Amber Heard could be replaced in ‘Aquaman 2′ by Paris Hilton. Yes, Paris Hilton, the socialite who recently got married at age 40 and premiered a reality show about her wedding and her love life. It was rumored that Mera, the love interests from Aquaman, could be played by Anne Hathaway or Emilia Clarke. There was even a petition for Amber Heard to leave the franchise. However, as told by Juliette Lauren Fischer, Hilton would win the role.

In her Instagram stories, the executive producer of Warner Bros. Discovery made the shocking announcement: “Warner Bros Just Hired Paris Hilton to replace Amber Heard in Aquaman 2″. Obviously, when it comes to strong revelations, the story of Juliette Lauren did not last long: she has already been deleted and the account is now private. The good (or bad) news is that what hits the internet stays on the internet forever, and several people took screenshot of his statements:


We already knew that, after the scandalous trial with her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, who sued her for 50 million dollars for defamation, the actress will not return to the DCEU after this sequel to ‘Aquaman’. She herself recently said, in the context of the trial, that her participation in ‘Aquaman 2’ was reduced to a few minutes and her character has a much smaller presence than in the first film. Could it be that we will see Paris Hilton as a new Mere?

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