Passion of Gavilanes: This was the tour of Lima by Michel Brown, Alfonso Baptista and Ana Lucía Domínguez

Alfonso Baptista, Michael Brown and Ana Lucía Domínguez walked through different streets of Lima.  (Photo: Instagram)
Alfonso Baptista, Michael Brown and Ana Lucía Domínguez walked through different streets of Lima. (Photo: Instagram)

Michael Brown, John Alphonse Baptista Y Ana Lucia Dominguez surprised with their arrival in the city of Lima this last weekend to visit some tourist sites as part of your vacation. The actors who play Óscar, Franco and Livia Reyes from the successful telenovela Passion of Hawks they stayed in a hotel in the district of Miraflores.

During their visit to our capital, they did not hesitate to take multiple photos with their fans and through their social networks, the artists shared part of their tours, where it was possible to see that they were also accompanied by Colombian actors. johanna fadulwho is known for playing Daniela Beltrán in the saga of Sin senos yes there is paradise, and her husband Juan Sebastian Quinteroknown presenter in Colombia.

After arriving in our capital, they were taken to the district of Ravine where, according to the videos and images published by the artists themselves, they were in some craft fairs to buy a souvenir from Peru. They were also taken to the well-known love parklocated in Miraflores, for a photo session with the seabed.

The actors of Pasión de Gavilanes arrived in Peru and have been touring the most iconic streets of Lima.

At another time it became known that they were in the Main Square, located in downtown Lima, where they took the opportunity to take multiple snapshots. Later, they went to eat at a restaurant to taste the delicious Peruvian food.

One of the workers told Infobae that all the travelers were very kind, because they behaved very well and were happy with the affection they received from their followers. In addition, they became a trend on the TikTok platform and several created different videos with the content that the actors uploaded in order to report that they were in Peruvian lands.

The actors of Pasión de Gavilanes in Peru. (VIDEO: TikTok)

The actress Ana Lucía Domínguez, who is also the protagonist of the new series “Pálpito” on Netflix, was one of those who dedicated herself to posting more details of her trip on her Instagram account. “We are in love with Peru. How nice, how clean. Now we are in the Center (of Lima) and spectacular. It is precious”he said as he walked through the streets of downtown Lima.

In the audiovisual material that he shared with his more than 2 million followers, it can be seen that he tasted the famous ‘Pisco sour’ and they were inside the Cathedral of Lima as well as outside the House of Peruvian Literature.

How beautiful is Peru. I share with you a little of what I learned about Lima today. AWESOME! Wonderful people, food and culture. THANK YOU PERU FOR SO MUCH LOVE”he wrote as a description of his video.

Ana Lucía Domínguez shows part of her tour of Lima. (VIDEO: Instagram)

Finally, this Sunday, May 8, they embarked on a new trip and went to the city of Cusco to continue learning about the wonders of Peru. Many of his fans await his visit to Machu Picchu and other tourist sites. “Great farewell to Lima”Michel Brown wrote on his Instagram about a photo posing with his other traveling companions. It should be noted that, until now, it is unknown how long they would be in our country.

The actors say goodbye to Lima.  (Photo: Instagram)
The actors say goodbye to Lima. (Photo: Instagram)


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