Paul Mescal, nominated as an actor and as a couple of Angelina Jolie

The race of Paul Mescal27 years old, has skyrocketed since landing the role of Connell in the series ‘Normal People’, which premiered in 2020. His love life also took a turn that same year when he began dating the American singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers. As Paul’s status as a Hollywood heartthrob rose, interest in his personal life began to increase. “Madness”, this is how Paul Mescal describes his success and unexpected Oscar nomination as a leading actor for playing the young and unfathomable father in the film ‘Aftersun’ from writer-director Charlotte Wells.

“Many of the nominees know that they are going to be nominated,” said the Irishman, born in the small town of maynooth, County Kildare, 15 miles west of Dublin, via Zoom from London. “But I had no idea. It was really exciting,” he added. In fact, to celebrate, she went to the door of a theater where they played ‘Aftersun’ and took a photo that he posted on social networks.

Interestingly, Mescal wasn’t sure he wanted to be an actor growing up. he was always exposed to music, arts and culture in a home with a semi-professional actor father. Actually, his first love was soccer, a sport in which he excelled as a teenager. Had it not been for the Maynooth Post Primary School’s obligation to force all students to participate in its annual musical, the world may never have discovered Mescal’s dramatic gifts. “I think if it had been optional, I probably would have passed on the performance because I’m not sure I had the confidence, at 16, to tell my friends, I’m going to audition for ‘The Phantom of the Opera. ‘».

Mescal’s most notorious romance has been with Phoebe Bridgers, the ‘Kyoto’ singer. A relationship that arose after a series of flirtations on Twitter in May 2020. After seeing Mescal star in the series ‘Normal People’, Bridgers wrote on Twitter: “I finished ‘Normal People’ and now I’m sad and horny.” The next day, Mescal responded by saying, “I’m officially dead,” to which the singer replied, “Nooo, don’t die… so talented.”

melodic break

Two weeks later, they hosted an Instagram Live for ‘Wonderland Magazine’. The session was the first time they had met over video call, and it ended with a serious 20-minute flirtation filled with laughter and blushing. In fact, at one point, Paul told Phoebe who loved his music. The duo continued to interact on social media until they made their red carpet debut in November 2021. While the couple made a few public appearances, they kept their relationship relatively private.

Mescal apparently opened up about Bridgers in a 2020 interview with ‘GQ,’ and while he didn’t name her explicitly, he did say his girlfriend was “a lifesaver” during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Having someone to lean on during such a strange time was invaluable,” Mescal said. “Honestly, I don’t know where I would be without her”. The adorable couple made their red carpet debut at the LACMA Art Film Gala in November 2021 and went Instagram official in December 2021. They seemed to be on the same page in 2022, when they appeared together on the Met Gala red carpet in May. .

Paul appeared in the singer’s ‘Sidelines’ music video in June and in the fall Phoebe shared photos of them together on the set of the ‘I’m In Love With You’ music video. However, fans of both began to worry about the couple’s status when Phoebe sang a verse in SZA’s song, ‘Ghost in the Machine’: “You said all my friends are on my payroll / You’re not wrong, you’re a bastard.” Later in another verse, she claims to be alone in the “airport bar or hotel lobby.” Since then they have not reappeared together, although neither Phoebe nor Paul have discussed the breakup. Because Paul is fairly new to Hollywood and not very active on social media, those messages served as compost for a relationship that ended last December.

Open secret

Since then, it is known that has appeared alongside Angelina Jolie on a couple of occasions in London. Her followers were stunned when Jolie, 47, was photographed with Paul Mescal in a London cafe in the middle of the rumors of breakup between him and Phoebe. In a February 2023 interview with ‘Vanity Fair’, Mescal opened up about his emotional doubts. “Giving strangers an answer about my life doesn’t really help me.” The rumor mill of her romance is in full swing, and some are hoping to see him appear arm in arm with Jolie at the upcoming Oscars ceremony.

Professionally, this summer, Mescal wheel ‘Gladiator 2’. “Blockbusters had never really interested me until an offer like this came along. It’s Ridley Scott, I couldn’t turn him down.” As for the coming fall and winter, Mescal says that her dance card is void. «I imagine there is the prestige of saying that you have been nominated for an Oscar and that means going back to work. That is true up to a point. All I can really do as an actor is control the controllable: read scripts and make decisions based on my intuition.” Given the luck of being selective, Mescal states that he would like combine blockbusters with independent films and more theater. For now, she just wants to enjoy the sweetness of her nomination, no tricks.

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