Pep Guardiola on Atlético de Madrid’s approach: “They are masters defending”


The technician of Man City Pep Guardiolawas satisfied with the 1-0 victory over Athletic in the first leg of quarterfinals Champions remembering that the ‘Colchoneros’ “are masters defending”.

“It was a very close game, very difficult because they are masters defending all together at the back”, he said. Guardiola to the Movistar+ platform after the match.

“We managed to stop them from running too much, we didn’t concede any chances, in the end it was a matter of patience and Kevin (de Bruyne) scored a goal”, he said. Guardiola.

The technician of City admitted that with a Athletic defending with two lines of five, “there is no space, apart from the fact that they are very competitive, very good at defending, there is no space” to enter.

“We didn’t have forward references, it’s hard and in the end it’s a matter of patience,” he considered. Guardiola.

“With a 1-0 it will be difficult (in the second leg), but we are going to win the game”, added the Spanish coach of the City.

More phrases:

Objective achieved: “Very close and very difficult match. They are masters defending all together behind. It’s difficult, but we managed to keep them from running too much. We didn’t give up any chances and in the end, in a matter of patience, we got a goal from a good action by Phil (Foden) with Kevin (De Bruyne). In the end we have had a couple of Kevin who has not managed to score. In the end, going 1-0 or 2-0, we know that going to Madrid will be difficult. We’re going to win the game.”

Match script: “We sensed that they would play 5-3-2 and we have gone out three or four times on the sides. Then they adjusted and put Griezmann on the far right and João on the left and they went five-five. With two lines of five. In prehistory, today, in 100,000 years, attacking against five and five is very difficult. There’s no space. They are very competitive and defend very well. We have no references of the forwards. Both are small and light. We move well and it’s hard. It’s 180 minutes. During the break I told them that we were fine, calm down. The game broke down at the start of the second half and that was what suited us because they are better than us at this. We have achieved the goal and the game has been broken more in many things. I suspect that in Madrid it will be a match similar to the one we have seen in the last 10-15 minutes after the goal”.

Foden: “Phil has some very good receptions. He is very deep, very direct on goal. He has quality. We knew that with Gabriel and Phil they have a lot of energy. It was a very even game. It has cost. Question of patience”.

Does Guardiola’s style win?: “I do not know. We have won a game”.

The return in the Metropolitan: “We will learn from today’s game. We will try to be a little better and try to win the match”.

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