Phoebe Mary Waller-Bridge could replace Harrison Ford


There seems to be a name for the possible replacement of Harrison Ford as the new protagonist of the famous Indiana Jones saga. After the rumors that the fifth episode of the franchise was the final one and, subsequently, that the new actor to be able to wear the characteristic Jones hat could be Chris Pratt, here is who could really play the role of the archaeologist.

According to rumors of the Daily Mail, it seems that it may really be she, Phoebe Mary Waller-Bridge, who lends her face to the reckless scholar.

Who is the possible replacement for Indiana Jones

Born in 1985, Waller-Bridge is known to the general public for having written the TV series Killing Eve and Fleabag. Furthermore, it is British actress, screenwriter and playwright. Winner of two Golden Globes, she was also co-writer of the screenplay for No Time to Die, 25th chapter of 007.

In the fifth installment of the Indiana Jones saga, which will be released at Cinema next year (Disney estimates the July 29, 2022), Waller-Bridge will play the role of co-star. The news of his possible replacement of Harrison Ford, however, is not confirmed yet and, indeed, neither the American producer Kathleen Kennedy, nor Disney itself have decided to comment on the gossip.

The indiscretion on the Waller-Bridge remains one of the many that have been investing chapter 5 of the saga for more than a year.

What is delaying the release of Indiana Jones 5?

Indiana Jones was initially scheduled for release in 2019: it seems that instead we will have to wait for July 2022. In fact, there were many unforeseen events related to the making of the film, and not only derived from the coronavirus.

Only a few months ago is the news of a shoulder injury of the 79-year-old star of the saga, Harrison Ford, shooting an adventurous scene from the film. To reassure the fans, however, it seems that in recent days Ford has finally managed to return to the set. In reality, however, regardless of Ford, many other news, albeit bad luck, have invested the fifth chapter of the Indy saga.

In particular, theSteven Spielberg leaves the direction. Other big names have abandoned the making of the film, one above all, that of the creator of the saga himself, the director, screenwriter and editor George Lucas. Instead, the 5 times Oscar winner John Williams that will surely enchant us, once again, with its soundtrack.


Do we know anything about the Indiana Jones 5 plot?

In reality, very little has leaked about the plot of the new episode, although something more about the historical context emerged from the Twitter account dedicated to the film.

In fact, it seems that the streets of Glasgow are the scene of one Manhattan of the Sixties, at the time of the first NASA missions in space.

In any case, there is still no real anticipation either on the title or on the plot.

The certainties seem to concern only the cast and the direction:

  • Shia LaBeouf, aka the son of Indiana Jones, not confirmed in the cast due to the actor’s previous disagreements with Harrison Ford (and Steven Spielberg).
  • Antonio Banderas in the cast! The news surprised everyone in July 2021 (of course the role is not yet known).
  • Mads Mikkelsen, Boyd Holbrook And Shaunette Renée Wilson confirmed.
  • James Mangold (Avengers, Age of Ultron) to direct after Spielberg’s departure.

Obviously Phoebe Mary Waller-Bridge would be the co-star and, at this point who knows what else could happen, a possible future protagonist of the saga.



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