Physical monster, The Rock reveals why he never fought in the UFC!

WWE icon turned Hollywood star, The Rock still displays an explosive physique at 50 years old. And yet, despite his love for MMA and the UFC, he never ventured there. Why ? He revealed the reason in a brilliant punchline!

Between the WWE universe and the UFC circuit, there is only one step that multiple fighters have already taken. Recently again, the champion Ronda Rousey left the world of MMA to join the most famous wrestling federation, in which she obtained an important place. But the transition can also be made in the other direction, and sometimes with immense success.

The most telling case is undoubtedly that of Brock Lesnar, former WWE superstar whose transition to the UFC was more than noticed. Crowned heavyweight champion after only 4 fights in the octagon, he twice defended his belt, before losing it to Cain Velasquez. Faced with this successful conversion, another ultra-renowned wrestler could have been tempted to imitate him: The Rock.

The Rock not crazy enough to join the UFC

Elevated to the rank of superstar in the WWE, Dwayne Johnson has nevertheless left it on many occasions, in particular because of an increasingly time-consuming acting career. But as a rare physical specimen and avid combat sports enthusiast, many feel he would have belonged in the UFC. Last January, the main interested party finally revealed why he had never made this jump… in a hilarious way:

I would have busted my face there, and I like that my jaw stays where it is.

Even Hollywood’s most stock hero can’t see himself risking his life in the cage, which can’t really be blamed on him. With its approximately 120 kilos, The Rock should have faced the cream of the heavyweights in the UFC, whose power is enough to change your face for the rest of your life.

Faced with this observation, Johnson preferred to play it safe, and settle for successive returns to WWE. It must be said that he already could not afford to have his portrait redone, he for whom appearance plays a key role in his films. In the end, he continued his career in wrestling as much as possible, before officially retiring on August 3, 2019.

Since then, it is therefore not as a fighter, but as an entrepreneur that he joined the UFC with a recent big collaboration. A way for him to satisfy a dream well buried for years, and to grow his good relationship with Dana White. But also to spare his face to be able to continue to appear on the big screen without any problem!

Fan of the UFC, The Rock has never set foot there… for fear of being stared at. Like what, even the greatest athletes of the contemporary era can fear the octagon and its violence!

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