Pirates of the Caribbean will have a sixth installment. Will Johnny Depp be there?

The emblematic Pirates of the Caribbean movie saga confirmed that it would make its sixth installment, so much so that it is already in production. The Australian actress Margot Robbie is more than confirmed, however, it is still uncertain if she will be the protagonist of this film.

The same project director Jerry Bruckheimer was the one who revealed that two scripts are already being written for the sixth Pirates of the Caribbean movie; one with Robbie as the lead and one without her.

The actress has not commented on the matter, but it has been speculated on different occasions that she would play a character very similar to that of Jack Sparrow, who was played by Johnny Depp.

Regarding the American actor, his possible return to the franchise continues to be speculated, as many of his fans long to see him again on the big screen giving life to the crazy pirate.

“Currently not. The future is yet to be decided, “explained the director regarding the possibility of having Deep in the production.

It should be remembered that during the tortuous defamation case in which he fought against his ex-partner Amber Heard, the actor indicated that he is not willing to be Jack Sparrow again, at least at this time.

Even so, fans of the actor and his character in Pirates of the Caribbean continue to hope that he will resume his role in the saga.

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