Police against pink FFP2: “They offend our decorum”

The police union arises against the delivery of masks FFP2 pink. The color of the stencils is retained “eccentric” and inadequate for the function performed by the agents. “Hereby – Sap writes to the police chief, prefect Lamberto Giannini -, we bring to your attention the unusual supply of pink FFP2 masks that is taking place in numerous police stations including Pavia, Varese, Ferrara, Syracuse and Venice. The reasons underlying the purchase of masks of a color that should appear prima facie not suited to our Administration are not known and the decision to approve this purchase raises perplexity “.

“Preserving the decorum of the operators”

From the beginning of the pandemic, according to the union, “It is difficult to imagine difficulties in the procurement of personal protective equipment which, as is well known, represent one of the main tools aimed at combating the spread of the virus. It is also clear that the importance of the functions performed by the state police requires the Administration to preserve the dignity of its operators, avoiding that they are ordered to carry out institutional activities with protective devices of a color that is eccentric compared to the uniform and risks damaging the image of the Institution “.

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