Police intervene a car with drugs for aesthetics

Image of the seized medical material.

Agents of the Ciudad Lineal District Unit of the National Police have intervened in the interior of a vehicle a large quantity of medicines and sanitary material used in aesthetic medicineas reported on Tuesday by a spokesman for the Local Body.

The police intervention took place on Friday at 2:15 a.m. on Cimadón Street. Agents patrolling the area observed two people trying to manipulate a vehicle, which finally belonged to one of them. Then another individual approached indicating that the merchandise belonged to him but he didn’t even know what was inside.

The police found that inside the car there were several bags with medicines, syringes, bottles and 150 euros. They lacked European labeling, a security seal and were not kept in the right temperature conditions, so they were sent to Pharmacy to verify its content and origin.

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