Political Committee of the PLD meets to address internal processes

From the early hours of the morning, the Political Committee of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) is meeting addressing issues related to its internal process.

The main objective of the ordinary meeting that takes place on the outskirts of the capital is to analyze the status of the internal reorganization as well as the query for choose your presidential candidacy.

Said meeting of Political Committee It is headed by the president of the organization, Daniel Medina; Charles Mariotti in his condition of general secretary. Similarly, the vice presidents Temistocles Montas and Juan Ariel Jimenez.

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For the implementation of Organizational and Electoral Linethe PLD is already exhausting its third phase, which includes the multiplication of intermediate committees; the choice of addresses of intermediate committees; of municipal district committees, and of municipal committees and provincial.

Danilo Medina and Charles Mariotti at a meeting of the Political Committee of the PLD.


Present at this ordinary meeting are the presidential candidates of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) who signed the agreement for the consultation.

With these are tuned the details of the process consultation scheduled to take place on October 16 of the current year.

It is recalled that the applicants to reach this position are Margarita Cedeno; Abel Martinez; Francisco Dominguez Brito; Luis De Leon; Maritza Hernandez and Karen Ricardo.

Francisco Javier García while speaking at the meeting of the Political Committee of the PLD.

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