Politicians sabotage police reform

Those who consider that the resistance to a profound reform of the National Police is within the body of order, may be mistaken and that lack of focus presents as guilty those who are actually partial victims: the police.

Those who have prevented the Police from being a ctechnical team, competent, equippedwith institutional robustness and independence to carry out their work in accordance with the law and with a vocation for service, are the politicians who have traditionally used it to demote their officers to subordinates without the ability to resist arbitrary, illegal orders beyond their powers.

Until today no official has allowed, much less promoted, that the Police have the resources and the dynamics of a technical body capable of deal with crime, delinquency, enforce rights and encourage the fulfillment of duty.

Public officials have not allowed that here there is a Police with determination and public credit to arrest and hand over to the Public Ministry a son or a relative of a minister, a legislator, a military officer, a large businessman, despite the fact that he is found committing violations of the law.

Officials who do not respect each other and Police officers afraid of falling out of favor with political bosses, have always agreed “to find a way out” of situations that in any country with a minimum of institutionality, they would never escape going to justice.

That is what explains why thousands of police and military officers – very poorly paid – are today providing protection and assistance to ministers, legislators, businessmen, journalists, galleros, stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, nightclubs, condominiums, shopping malls and other private interests.

And these police officers are at the service of individuals not by decision of the director of the Police or a high-ranking official, but rather in response to requests made by public officials and by interested parties with the capacity to “warm up” with the “Superior government” who is resist in the body of order.

Naturally, no one resists, least of all if that acceptance allows “being cold” with the political power and receive benefits for the policemen that all non-Swedes know climb the inverted pyramid.

Symptoms of reform

I do not believe that politicians give up the privilege of having police officers who with a phone call they impose an order to release a protected offender or even imprison and harass an adversary or business competitor.

If there were to be them from now on, we would realize by very specific signs that would warn that the police reform is serious.

-When the Dominican policemen earn wages that allow them to live with dignitywith enough income so that they can eat on the street and their families at home, their children study and have safe medical attention.

-When only police officers are assigned for the security of the President and Vice President of the Republic, judges and prosecutors, as well as to people who are under threat and the public ministry provides for its protection.

Ministers, legislators, businessmen and other people must take advantage of the general guarantees that the National Police grants to all citizens and if they consider that they are not enough, they must hire private security from the country or abroad.

Hugo Tolentino Dipp he was chancellor, he always walked without escorts and nothing ever happened to him, to cite an example.

The reform will be underway when only the President of the Republic and the Vice President have police officers with the authority to stop traffic for them to pass, but not the rest of the officials who can perfectly mobilize without those privileges.

As long as any official and police or military chief has the “authority” for their mailers make way for them stopping everyone, in this country the traffic jam of streets and avenues will never be resolved. So that?

The police officers

We must not tire of repeating that the vast majority of officers and police they are honest men and women in their conduct, protectors of the citizen, unable to humiliate and beat a prisoner.

Personally, I have very dear friends among them who know that I have always taken care to stand up for injustices against them and to defend their rights by showing their faces without duplicity.

Police thieves, torturers, murderers, extortionists, are few but swim with an advantage within the body of order because the honest ones are not capable of confronting them, denouncing them and making them leave.

The silence of the honest, forced by the “discipline” that politicians have imposed on the Police, makes them impotent and ties them hand and foot so as not to accept living with criminals in uniform, with a shield on their foreheads and a gun from the police. Republic on the belt.

being a minority, wicked cops dirty the whole body and despite the heroic actions carried out by the honest against delinquency and in favor of the citizenry, people hold back and confront the outrages, ignoring the good.

Management of General Then

When policemen beat Jose Gregorio Custodio on April 18 in Ocoa, they had already done the same with Richard Baez in Santiagobut little was known.

In the case of Gregorio, despite the fact that the government was interested in keeping the crime in the nebula like that of Santiago so as not to “damage the image of the country” and not agree with the report of human rights violations disclosed days before by the United States, the behavior of the national press and social networks, opinion leaders and families, was exemplary in exposing the murder.

If the police did not have to abide by the lines that politicians draw for them, I have no doubt that hthey had arrested those policemen, they handed them over to the public ministry and their image shone before public opinion.

But since he didn’t, but allowed the murderers to hide among the honest to continue doing the same, came the crime of David de los Santos in the National District.

There was no time for more: President Luis Abinader himself had to condemn that crime, despite the fact that when they asked him in Bonao about Gregorio’s death, he did not condemn it and said that this was the Police who had left the Academy five years ago. years.

General Then’s management came with very palpable achievements for the citizenry, especially when ending with a stroke of the pen the abuse of checkpoints and illegal raids throughout the national territory, which, as he himself described, went against honest citizens because criminals do not go through checkpoints. His closeness to the citizenry is evident and the gesture of going to the house of Gregorio’s mother in Ocoa, requesting and achieving the suspension of the first march and offering condolences to his relatives, show that if he has not cleaned up the Police of blemishes, it is because there are branches that cannot be pruned very easily.

the fatal autopsy

What has been leaked from the forensic examination of Custodio’s body concludes that the man who began to be tortured since his arrest at dawn inside a clinic, which is documented with videos, He died of a myocardial infarction.

Can a batch of sticks that left their visible marks on Custodio’s body induce a fatal heart attack?

In a 38-year-old man who did not have diabetes or hypertension, who was in such good health that he was celebrating Holy Saturday by drinking aguardiente, what else could induce a heart attack other than the unbearable beating?

If the public ministry does not take into account all the circumstances that surround this death and welcomes the forensic opinion and to the fear of the provincial prosecutors, to prepare for when those same policemen, emboldened by impunity, offer us a first-class burial. Just like when David.

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