Pregnant Rihanna sparks a new controversy with a drink in her hand!

Rihanna definitely has a knack for creating controversy. Pregnant, the singer allowed herself a glass of champagne! And it does not happen!

Pregnant, Rihanna multiplies the controversies. The singer was surprised recently with a drink in hand. And his audience does not forgive him for this gap! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Rihanna shocks by toasting on Instagram!

Rihanna is currently pregnant with her first child. And the beautiful multiplies the extravagant appearances. Since the appearance of her baby bumpthe star has accustomed us to truly amazing public outings.

The singer does not like to do like everyone else, you will understand. Sometimes even to the point of exceeding the limits. Because lately, one of his behaviors has shocked the web a lot.

In fact, the one thatASAP Rocky just proposed did something completely forbidden to pregnant women. The beauty appeared on social networks with a flute of alcohol in her hand!

It happened on Instagram, as Rihanna promoted her cosmetics brand Fenty Skin. With a towel wrapped around her head, the “Bitch Better Have My Money” singer presented her fans with skincare.

Until then, nothing serious… Except that in this short video, at one point we see Riri pouring himself a glass of alcohol. Fans immediately saw it as a provocation. But in fact, rest assured, it is not. MCE TV tells you more…

Because in this flute was ginger ale. A ginger ale that is naturally non-alcoholic! Phew! To reassure everyone, Rihanna also let her fans comment on her video.

“For all the people who haven’t been paying attention: it’s Ginger Ale beer! », recalled a user. The singer therefore did not allow herself any alcoholic deviation during her pregnancy. We are reassured!

A French minister claims to be the ex of the singer!

At 34, the artist is about to give birth to her first baby. In a relationship since 2020 with rapper ASAP Rocky, the interpreter of “Diamond” seems to have found happiness.

And this, despite some nasty rumors of infidelity from his companion. After a few explanations, things seem to be back to normal. The two lovebirds should even soon get married.

A page is definitely turning for Rihanna who seems not regret any of his exes. Not even a certain French minister! Yes, you read correctly. On TikTok, Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, the current Minister of Transport, has recently completely let go!

After making a little joke about the singer, the minister was asked a few questions from his followers. ” Are you a Rihanna fan? »he was asked.

But instead of giving an expected answer, Jean-Baptiste Djebbari then took everyone by surprise. ” He is my ex “quipped the Minister of Transport.

Obviously, this little joke is to be taken literally. But the desired effect hit the mark. We can imagine that Rihanna herself got wind of this joke. But no one knows what she thought of it. And you?

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