Prepare this frozen cake with chocolate cookies Selena Gomez style

Make this ice cream cake with Selena Gomez-style chocolate cookies – MDZ Online

East Frost cake with biscuits of chocolate is the glory. Very easy, delicious and without turning on the oven. Selena Gomez she prepared it to celebrate the birthday of one of her best friends, Kelsey and it was spectacular. His teacher was the pastry chef Paola Velez, an activist of Latin origins, who uses cooking to fight racism and create social change. “It’s a pie perfect because in summer everyone hates to turn on the oven, that’s why they love this pie”, assured the pastry chef who taught him everything step by step and did it together with Selena Gomez in the cycle Selena + Chef.

Pastry chef Paola Velez has Latin roots and uses cooking to fight racism and create social change.

Here we tell you the recipe, ingredients and secrets so you can prepare it at home.


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