Pride Month 2022: 5 LGBTQ+ Movies You Must See During Pride Month

June is known as the month of “LGBT Pride”, because the 28th marks the International LGBT Pride Day, which seeks to make visible and demand the civil rights of people with a sexual orientation, identity or expression other than heterosexual. In this context, there is still a lot of misinformation that generates intolerance and hatred towards the collective, therefore, here are 5 queer films to understand and learn more about the subject.

It is important to understand that having a sexual orientation or expression other than what is considered common was even a crime for several centuries. In some countries, same-sex relations are still criminalized by imprisonment or death, while in more liberal regions, hate crimes continue to be committed against LGBT people.

It is from this reality that the motivation of “LGBT Pride” seeks that no person feels ashamed of their preferences, based on the intrinsic dignity of each human being.

5 queer movies to begin to understand the collective

The month of pride is also to raise awareness, educate and make visible the obstacles that the community faces every day and the cinema is a great tool to achieve this. Although today most productions have at least one LGBT character, there are films that, in addition to having the theme as the center of the plot, are a cinematic gem.

The Danish Girl movie trailer

  1. Call me by your name: the film based on the book of the same name, written by Aciman, tells the story of a young son of a researcher and history teacher, played by Timothée Chalamet, who receives an intern, starring by Armie Hammer, with whom he has his first romance. The film portrays the doubts, the fears of being discovered gay and the disappointment in a world where there is only tolerance for one way of life.
  2. The Danish Girl: Starring Eddie Redmayne, this biographical feature film portrays the life of the first man to undergo sex reassignment surgery. It is about Lili Elbe, formerly Einar Wegener, a Danish painter who discovers that she is actually a woman and decides to overcome the prejudices of nineteenth-century society to end the suffering caused by being identified as a man.
  3. I’m afraid of a bullfighter: it’s a Chilean film praised at multiple festivals, adapted from the homonymous novel by the writer Pedro Lemebel. The story, starring Alfredo Castro, is about a transgender woman during the military dictatorship who falls in love with a young Mexican who seeks to start an armed uprising, assassinating Augusto Pinochet. The film portrays the militarized and conservative society of 1986 that violently represses the marginalized as “The Queen”, who must live between fear, poverty and their desire.
  4. Carol: Cate Blanchet and Rooney Mara star in this romantic drama, directed by Todd Haynes, in which a socialite falls in love with a department store clerk. Both tell the story from their perspective and portray the prejudices they face when having a lesbian relationship.
  5. The hours: With an all-star cast that includes Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman and Ed Harris, this film tells the story of three women in different periods of history who try to find meaning in their lives in the midst of of the difficulties involved in thinking, feeling and being different. The film was nominated and multi-awarded and continues to be among the best of critics, not only for its impeccable production but also for the fine portrait it paints of the personal drama that its characters experience.

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