Prince Harry Suffers From A Severe Mental Illness – What It Is

During the documentary ‘The Me You Can’t See’, Prince Harry talked about the mental disorders he has suffered from for years.

If the statements of Prince Harry about the British royal family were reported by all the international media and are still talked about today, the confessions of the Duke of Sussex on his mental health they did not have the same prominence and indeed there are also those who after the courageous testimony of Carlo’s second son thought that it was a play, that the illness and his precarious state of health were not true.

Yet Harry had the courage to publicly admit something that is usually ashamed of bias. Even today there is the stigma of mental illnesses of psychological problems and when these manifest themselves in anxiety attacks, people often minimize, blames whoever tries them tells him to react, that he is weak, as if it were the fault of the subject and it was not a real disease. The testimony of the duke is aimed precisely at raising awareness of this issue, making it clear that it is real diseases, which must be taken care of to get better.

A praise therefore to Harry who had the courage to talk about it openly and who strongly wanted to do so in a special documentary created with Oprah Winfrey and available exclusively on Apple TV, entitled ‘The Me You Can’t See‘. In this the prince has not only talked about his problems and their origins, but also agreed to have one of the sessions he undergoes to control anxiety filmed and thanks to which he has overcome the most critical moment.

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Prince Harry’s psychological problems

In the first episode of the documentary Harry of Windsor he explained how the problems started with the death of his mother. The prince felt abandoned, alone, unable to react to what was happening to him. Growing up, then, she developed the syndrome of “prey”, fear also linked to the sad fate of her mother: “she was hunted by reporters while she was having an affair with a black person … and I feared the same would happen to me with Meghan “.

The duke then explained that his psychotherapist intervened to save him from panic attacks, who subjected him to a therapy based on visual and physical contact: a series of eye movements and touches with the palms of the hands made together. to the therapist. The therapy serves to manage the panic attack and regain control through this procedure and it is called EMDR (Eyes Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). In the documentary we can also observe one of these sessions and see how it works.

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During the documentary Harry also explained that the anxiety crises became unmanageable every time he returned to London: “I was sweating, I had anxiety and panic attacks. Every time I got in the car and every time I saw a camera, I was freaking out ”. Today the problem is under control, despite the fact that he experiences anxiety attacks every time he has to return to the British capital, thanks to the therapy he is able to manage them. Unfortunately, and those who suffer from it know it well, once you suffer from panic attacks, they return whenever there is a state of agitation and can only be controlled.

Although Harry allowed the session to be filmed and spoke with an open heart, there were many who did not believe his words. The skepticism about this revelation was such as to ask for a confirmation on the prince’s mental health conditions from the ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas, who seems to have confirmed everything that the Prince has declared.

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