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The Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) stated yesterday that there is no other option to mitigate the impact of the global inflationary process, other than the provisional law that sets a zero rate for imported human consumption products, for which it appealed to reason.

The Minister of Economy, Planning and Development, Miguel Ceara Hatton, assured that the law will not affect the national productive sector. “We need that possibility of obtaining these products, to be able to place them in Dominican homes at more affordable prices,” he said.

The official spoke at a press conference that took place at the PRM national house, in which the Minister of Agriculture, Limber Cruz, and the administrator of the Agricultural Bank, Fernando Durán, also participated.

Hatton asked the population not to listen to the voices that, due to selfish political interests, oppose an initiative that only seeks to guarantee that the most vulnerable citizens of the country can continue to feed their families, without being affected by international inflation that impacts the local economy. .

“This should not be used as a political attack. The PRM assures that this Government will guarantee food at adequate prices and will also continue to protect national producers”, he maintained.

Considers that in the context of the exceptional situation that the world is experiencing, it is urgent to guarantee the stability of the prices of the products of the family basket to mitigate inflation.

“The Dominican government with the proposed law to suspend the tariffs that 67 food products pay to enter the country, has the objective of protecting the budget of the Dominican family,” he added.

Ceara Hatton said that in the last two years an exceptional situation has been experienced as a consequence, first of the Covid-19 pandemic, then with the rise in oil prices, freight and other essential raw materials for local production, disruptions in the supply chain and more recently the geopolitical conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

The products that will not be taxed are flour (corn and wheat), bread, pasta, oils (corn, sunflower and soy), powdered milk, meat (beef, pork and chicken), butter and margarine, garlic, grains (beans, pigeon peas, corn, peas and broad beans).

Ceara Hatton specified that the vast majority of these products are currently exempt from tariffs from the United States under the free trade agreement with that country.


On his side, Fernando Durán, from Bagrícola, said that these measures have been taken to guarantee family safety. “The agricultural cabinet, headed by President Abinader, has a commitment to national producers that is expressed through financial support,” he said.

While Limbert Cruz declared that if there is a president who has supported the agricultural sector, his name is Luis Abinader.

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