Problems at the Yabucoa terminal affect the distribution of gasoline on the island

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Although there is enough fuel storage in Puerto Rico, it was not until this morning that the distribution companies that supply Buckeye, in Yabucoa, were able to start supplying gasoline.

The new day He also learned that Peerless, which distributes the Ecomaxx brand, will begin tomorrow, Wednesday, to supply its stations. Its terminal is in Peñuelas.

These days a long line of consumers has been seen at the stations and dozens of them have been closed due to lack of gasoline.

Sources from this newspaper indicated that Buckeye was closed until 7:00 am today, Tuesday, because “it was quite flooded and the water had to be pumped out” due to the effects caused by Hurricane Fiona. In addition, it is operating with generators, since it lacks electrical service.

Brands such as Shell and Mobil are supplied by Buckeye, in addition to the companies American Petroleum, Toral Petroleum and Bita’s Fuel. The latter supplies independent retailers.

85% of the Toral stations and the new Shell stations, which this company represents since September 1, today had gasoline; the remaining 15% do not. In total, that network has 42 stations.

“The most affected are those in the western area because we started shipping this morning (yesterday morning) and they are the ones that are farthest away,” said Hiram Acevedo, Sales Manager of Toral Petroleum.

The last time Toral Petroleum supplied its network was on Saturday, prior to Fiona’s passage. Acevedo stated that by today, Wednesday, all of its 47 stations should be filled with fuel.

For her part, Nanette Pagán, manager of Brand, Communications, and External Affairs of Grupo Sol, a company that began distributing Mobil gasoline this month, indicated that once the Buckeye terminal opened today, deliveries resumed, except in places that do not yet have access or that represent a risk to health, safety, the environment or property.

“At this time, the speed of dispatch to the different companies that are supplied from said terminal in Yabucoa is reduced because the capacity of lanes is less than usual and it is operating with a generator,” said Pagán.

Grupo Sol made gasoline deliveries until last Saturday.

“The Sol team is aware of the vital role of fuels at times like these. For this reason, it has been and will continue to work diligently in a 24-hour operation to be able to supply its retailers and consumers. Our goal is to deliver as soon as possible and safely, to the extent that road conditions and access allow us to reach the network of over 170 Mobil and Shell brand service stations.”, said Pagan.

Today, they projected to make only 40 trips due to the situation in the terminal, and tomorrow, Wednesday, they estimate that they will do double, 80 trips, according to the executive. The goal is to supply its network of stations in the next two days, if no additional impediments arise.

“In this course, we invite consumers to exercise caution and collaborate in whatever conditions allow to replenish the stations of their choice,” added Pagán.

The secretary of the Department of Consumer Affairs (DACO), Edan Rivera Rodríguez, rejected that there is a shortage of gasoline or diesel due to the passage of Fiona. He assured that there is an inventory of the latter on the island for 20 days.

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