Protest in Vista Hermosa, Santiago de Cuba, after long hours of blackout

Dozens of people protested peacefully in the neighborhood of Vista Hermosa, in Santiago de Cubaaround noon on Monday, as reported on social networks by residents of the area. The neighbors came out to demand that the authorities put the electric fluid on them.

Internet user Suleaine Videaux, who transmitted the arrival of various Police vehicles at a certain distance from the tumult, reported through a direct: “Blackout from 6 in the afternoon, they put it on at 8; they removed it at 3 in the early in the morning, they put it on at 6 in the morning, and at 12 noon there is no current”.

“Where there are children, elderly people who don’t have anything to cook with, here there are people who don’t have liquefied gas”added the young woman, who criticized the repressive deployment in the area and stressed: “The gasoline is being taken to repress.”

A person who intervened in the Videaux direct assured that a bus of people dressed in civilian clothes had arrived at the site to intervene in the repression. The regime mobilizes its paramilitaries in situations of this type to later claim that the people intervened to counteract illegal acts and criminal actions.

Though DIARIO DE CUBA has no confirmation on whether there was violent repression or arrestssubsequently Aris Arias Batalla, who according to his Facebook profile works in the Provincial Health Directorate of Santiago de Cuba, reported that officials from the local government appeared on Comancie Street, Las Cruces and blocks surrounding the Vista Hermosa People’s Council, including the Governor, Beatriz Johnson Urrutia.

According to the publication, officials “explained the complexities that the province of Santiago is going through with the electricity generation deficit.” Arias Batalla accompanied his report with photos and a video of the intervention of the governor, who spoke to the neighbors from a raised doorway, while in front of her on the sidewalk several men in civilian clothes, presumably political police agents, watched over those gathered.

According to the official’s note, the neighbors “took the opportunity to inform the authorities present of some problems that affect the community.”

Johnson Urrutia promised to offer, through the local telecenter Tele Turquino, information on the effects and power cuts.

According to Arias Battle, “There was no confrontation, no violence, no offense to anyone,” but he could not avoid mentioning that “as usual, the media and security and internal order personnel were activatedbut without his performance or anything that caused a serious situation.

Cubans have been demonstrating for several days in provincial towns across the country against the blackouts. There are even reports that protesters have stoned state premises and stores in MLC run by the military conglomerate GAESA at night.

This has been reported on social networks in municipalities such as Jagüey Grande, in Matanzas, and towns such as Bauta, in Artemisa, Covadonga, in Cienfuegos, Baracoa, in Guantánamo, Campechuela, in Granma, and Nuevitas, in Camagüey.

The protest in Santiago de Cuba, however, occurred in broad daylight.

The electrical system of the Island is collapsed and the blackouts are constant and add up to more than ten hours of outages during each day. Added to the serious situation, for which the Government indicated that there will be no short-term solution, was the outage of a Nuevitas Thermoelectric generation unit on Sunday.

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