PS5 dominates in Italy in a Christmas without games and without consoles: is it unbeatable? –

Despite the efforts made not to annihilate the competition too much, between consoles that are not found and a total absence of first party titles that characterized these months until the beginning of 2022, PS5 however, it turns out to be the best-selling console in Italy in 2021 and, as far as we have seen so far, also in the rich autumn period. We said previously how the fact of discussing sales data has an increasingly relative importance, but Italy turns out to be an interesting case study regarding affection for a brand, so much so that we are asked whether it really is you may or may not see different trends emerge in the future. Many have seen this Christmas an ideal time to see the waters of the videogame market move, with a more wait-and-see Sony in this period, the usual blockbusters such as Call of Duty: Vanguard and Battlefield 2042 that seem a bit struggling and good proposals , on the contrary, from Nintendo and Microsoft.

Well, these possible alternative visions may perhaps be good for North America or Japan, but Europe, and even more so Italy, seem to have responded “spades” to any turnaround. On the other hand, the long wave of the excellent generation had with PS4 is still obviously felt and Sony has still made very few mistakes since the launch of the PS5 to date, therefore the trust placed by users it is far from nonsense. It is curious, however, to note how the efforts of the other competitors do not find particular feedback in terms of sales, at least compared to what has been seen elsewhere such as in the USA where, for example, Xbox Series S was a bit surprisingly the best-selling console. in the period of black friday and around.

PS5 is set to conquer Christmas 2021 in Italy and a large part of Europe

PS5 is set to conquer Christmas 2021 in Italy and a large part of Europe

It should also be noted that the report made by Christopher Dring, however without precisely citing the data in question, refer to the general results of the whole of 2021, so the speech could be improper.

In fact, it is true that Sony has given up a bit in the last few months of the year, but it has maintained a very high pace for the rest of 2021 and is evidently continuing to reap the rewards. In the face of this, there is not Nintendo Switch OLED with Metroid Dread o Xbox Series X | S with Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite that hold, it seems: PS5 remains the most desired console in Italy and in much of Europe regardless of what everyone else can do. What is impressive, however, is the fact that we have achieved this result by remaining in constant scarcity of available units and, in this particular period, even without particular top titles to exploit, as the heavyweights have moved to 2022 more or less late. One wonders what will happen when PS5 does will finally find in stores with a certain ease, given the rhythms even in this moment in which the console is practically not seen.

On the one hand, this forced slow start, dictated by the scarcity of materials and units, is as if it leveled the situation because it forces the competitors to go with the handbrake on, still maintaining “normal” gaps and allowing, perhaps, a more balanced running in the medium term, but the idea is that PS5 is an even more powerful steamroller than it was PS4. There is perhaps more time and space to maneuver for the recovery of the others, also giving way to fire new cartridges through exclusive productions that could shift the balance a little, now that the gaps are not yet abysmal, therefore these shortages of availability could help build more interesting scenarios for the foreseeable future. As for Europe in general, a greater balance could be seen again due to these particular contingencies, although the Italian market is probably destined to remain totally marked on PlayStation.

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