purchases blocked on some sites for security reasons

Postepay has blocked purchases on some sites. The measure, however, has a rather specific motivation. Let’s see what it is

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There Postepay is a guarantee regarding the prepaid cards made in Italy. It is a product that combines simplicity and safety, which is why He earned consensus from north to south of the peninsula.

Its countless services however, they also attracted the attention of the gods cybercriminals who have targeted the users trying to trick them through the usual e deplorable phishing attempts (via email and sms) or similar techniques.

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Postepay: the anti-fraud rule that has blocked purchases on some sites

For this reason, the Italian postal services company with the arrival of 2022, has decided to limit these attacks and align itself with European IT security standards. In practice, to ensure maximum protection for customers and prevent scams or similar incidents, operations on non-European merchants that do not adopt PSD2 security standards have been inhibited.

In other words, users will no longer be able to make purchases on websites that do not use the above parameters. Therefore no more transactions with Postepay on e-commerce portals and platforms that do not use PSD2 security.

To be fair, this is not a question of who knows what loss or limitation. Nowadays all online shops have to comply with this directive and this is an indication of the increase in security on the web.

This step forward can give a significant boost to the fight against online scams, which have always also been of interest to Postepay holders. In this sense the company is actively moving and some time ago it disclosed a alarm message against the main dangers of net.

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This is also an important strategy for dealing with the issue. Disclosing adequate information is the best way to buy, sell, browse and carry out any type of business using online. On the other hand, the future goes more and more in this direction and as attentive and avant-garde users we have the right and the duty to know the appropriate rules of conduct.

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