Putin misses another appointment: doubts about his health

The last image of Putin we saw him during the Victory Day parade where he appeared at times in good physical condition. Unlike other occasions during which he aroused suspicions about his health, especially when he sat next to high personalities with a blanket over his legs or when he was caught by the cameras limping and coughing several times. The news, now, is that the Tsar will not participate in the grand gala of the 11th “All Russian Hockey Festival“among the amateur teams of the” Night Hockey League “, and we know that there‘hockey it is one of his favorite sports. The demonstration was conceived by Putin himself in 2011 and so far had only missed once, in 2013, when on that occasion his health problems were official.

The hypotheses about diseases

It would have been precisely on this public occasion that the Russian president could have swept away the gossips about his physical condition or corroborate the thesis on precariousness that has been talked about for months. To date, neither the Kremlin nor other sources know the real reasons for this absence during the parade of Russian hockey stars as well as celebrities from other fields. Here, then, that it becomes inevitable to note that it can be the umpteenth proof that Putin is not well. As we have seen in, in addition to the rumors that have been chasing each other for months, everyone has seen some clear “proofs” that something is wrong: this is the case of the interview with the Minister of Defense, Sergei Shoigu, when the Tsar held onto the table as if he were falling while in fact he was sitting comfortably. Disease of Parkinson’s? It is the most accredited disease along with a cancer abdomen for which it could be operated on tightly.

The interview with Lukashenko

On April 13 there was a meeting with the Belarusian leader Aleksandr Lukashenko during which, apart from the content of the speech in which Putin claimed that Bucha’s news was false, the great distance between the two leaders, very unusual than usual. At the end of the meeting, then, there was no contact with the Belarusian friend and ally. But the signals go even further back, at least to 2020 although in the years of the pandemic the Tsar was seen with a dropper. As we wrote in our Journal, it has been rumored for at least two years about his health and about the fact that he could resign at any moment. The political analyst had put the flea in the ear Valery Soloveiwho speculated that Putin had two illnesses mentioned above. The Kremlin has always strongly denied even if the analyst has stated several times that already in 2021 he was treated for a degenerative disease.

The other signs-clues

Some Western intelligence sources last March highlighted the swelling of his face, neck, the distance always taken during meetings with leaders (remember the distance with Macron) as well as new clues: Putin would also have sudden fits of anger and early signs of senile dementia. Analysts also used these signals to explain why he decided to invade Ukraine. Finally, the issue of succession: sick or not, Putin will have to leave sooner or later. In the first case, however, the handover would take place relatively quickly, especially if he has to operate: hence the rumors about General Nikolai Patrushev and the mysterious man seen next to him on Victory Day. There is a lot of meat on the fire: at this point all that remains is to wait for the course of events.

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