Putin says that “Colombia is a promising partner of Russia in Latin America”

(CNN Spanish) — Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Colombia is a “promising partner of Russia in Latin America” ​​and assured that his country is interested in maintaining friendly relations with Colombians, according to the state media RT and also reported by the Efe agency.

The Russian president’s statement came during an event on Tuesday at the Kremlin Palace in which the new ambassadors of several countries presented their credentials.

Upon receiving the new Colombian ambassador, Héctor Isidro Arenas Neira, Putin said that “we share the recent words of the new president Petro on the constructive approach towards intensifying relations in the spheres of trade, energy, infrastructure, science and technique, education and culture,” according to Efe.

The Russian president affirmed that his government will continue to support the international community’s efforts to “resolve the post-conflict” in Colombia, “for the sake of maintaining peace and national harmony in this country, guaranteeing regional security and stability,” he quoted RT.

After Gustavo Petro’s election on June 19, Putin congratulated the president-elect and said then that relations between the two countries have “traditionally been of a friendly character.”

Colombia has been an important ally of the United States in the region, and both countries work closely on issues such as migration, the fight against drug trafficking and terrorism. The US government has provided more than $10 billion in aid to the country since 2000.

This year, before the elections, the United States said it will designate Colombia as an important extra-NATO ally, a significant move from the symbolic and material point of view that will strengthen security and economic cooperation between the two countries.

Petro, a left-wing politician, has been critical of the approach to the fight against drug trafficking and told the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday that “the war on drugs has failed.” In August he had proposed to the US changes in the policy of extradition of drug traffickers.

Putin looks at Latin America in the midst of war

This Tuesday Putin received the credentials of the new ambassadors of Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela and countries in Asia, Africa and Europe and Oceania.

“Venezuela is our strategic partner and reliable ally in Latin America and globally,” Putin said.

This is the first ceremony of this nature since the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces began.

At the UN General Assembly, many diplomats have pointed out that Russia has put the credibility and image of the UN at stake this year by invading another country.

The vast majority of UN members are firmly opposed to Russia’s war in Ukraine. Expect Western countries to use their official speeches to criticize Moscow. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will speak on Saturday, but no Western country has said whether they have any bilateral plans with the Russian visitor.

Russia has had recent defeats in its war in Ukraine, and the lack of a quick victory, inability to take Kyiv, and Ukraine’s successful counter-offensives—as Russia loses troops and equipment—have generated anger and discontent that Putin’s opponents seek to exploit. .

Petro spoke before the UN about the invasion of Ukraine, and at the end of his speech he called on Ukraine and Russia to make peace.

In August, Putin accused the United States of fueling conflicts around the world while offering arms and training to its “allies” in Latin America, Asia and Africa, and said Russia is willing to supply military equipment to its allies. and to train foreign fighters.

With information from Juan Pablo Elverdin, Richard Roth and Sam Fossum

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