Queen Elizabeth II: do you know what her highest degree of studies is?

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queen’s life Isabel II It is a most exquisite theme and one that never ceases to amaze. The long-lived monarch can boast great wealth, luxury, glamor and even being one of the most beloved sovereigns in Britain, but there is something missing, however difficult it may seem.

what hequeen Elizabeth II cannot hold, as simple as it may seem, it is a university degree, although that does not mean that the monarch is uneducated, because although she did not go to school like any other child, her education is quite enriching.

The vast majority of people intuit that members of the royalty must have degrees or specialties in prestigious universities, howeverIsabel’s story is not that, because she only managed to attend primary school, due to the warlike conflicts typical of his time, as well as other family matters, which are unknown to this day.

Queen Elizabeth II has 70 years of reign.

But the reality is that also He did not receive an education “worthy of the queen”, because he was never expected to rule either, for this throne was destined for his uncle Edward VIII, who renounced the title to marry Wallis Simpson, a divorced woman, which at that time did not accept royalty.

At just 25 years old, Elizabeth II had to take on the challenge of being the sovereign of the 7 countries and 15 independent states that Great Britain protectsafter his father George VI left him in his 70s.

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