Queens: why did Jennifer Lopez experience a big questioning after the film?

“Queens” recounts the scam set up by several strippers led by Jennifer Lopez. A drama for which the actress and producer has invested a lot, and following which she has gone through a big period of doubt.

Queens : strippers take over Wall Street

Third feature film by Lorene Scafaria after Until the end of the world do us part and My mother and I, Queens begins in the late 2000s. The film retraces a period in the life of Destiny (Constance Wu), investigated by a journalist named Elizabeth (Julia Stiles).

When she is hired in a New York club, Destiny meets Ramona Vega (Jennifer Lopez), a seasoned stripper who takes her under her wing. If business goes well for the two dancers, they are significantly slowed down by the global financial crisis. While they landed in their establishment by herds, the financiers of Wall Street are absent subscribers.

Destiny (Constance Wu) – Queens ©Metropolitan Filmexport

They therefore decide to set up a scam targeting traders. The scam works like a charm, which pushes them to take more and more risks. Keke Palmer, Lili Reinhart, Lizzo and Cardi B round out the cast of this thrilling drama, in which female entrepreneurs go on the hunt for white-collar workers.

An important project for Jennifer Lopez

A film where the interpreter ofim real and Jenny from the Block finds one of her best roles, complex and touching, with the one she holds in the excellent Out of reach. Queens is a project in which Jennifer Lopez has been heavily involved, accepting a reduced salary and also working as a produceras she confided to QGadding:

I bet on me. (…) I do what I want, I do what I like.

Queens ©Metropolitan Filmexport

The feature film also echoes the life of the actress and singer, since for a time she thought about becoming a stripper when she was young. On this subject, she explains to W Magazine :

There was a time in my life when my friends, who were also dancers, told me that they were making millions of dollars at clubs in New Jersey. She said to me, ‘You don’t need to be topless. It sounded terribly enticing when I was broke and eating pizza every day, but I never did.

Snubbed for the Oscars

Golden Globe Nominee for Best Supporting Actress in 2020 for her performance, Jennifer Lopez sees the trophy escape her and bows to Laura Dern, rewarded for Marriage Story. Subsequently, while her name often comes up in the media as the Oscars approach, the actress is not retained by the Academy.

A defeat and an absence that Jennifer Lopez lives hard. In the documentary Half-time available on Netflix, the star looks back on this period and declares:

I really thought I had a chance. I had the impression of having disappointed the whole team. They wanted it so badly. For them, for me. It’s also a validation of all the work they’ve done. (…) I had very low self-esteem. I really believed what was said, that I was not good. That I was not a good singer, a good actress, a good dancer.

A slump during which she can count on the support of Ben Affleck, who ensures for his part:

She should have been nominated, she is excellent. Isn’t it great that she had her biggest hit at 50? It is enormous !

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