Quick swab at € 2.60 on Amazon: few pieces available

Back available on Amazon, stock up on kit to perform a rapid antigenic swab. In a few minutes, it is possible to verify the possible positivity to Covid 19. The enormous savings are possible on the purchase of a minimum quantity: the package with 25 pieces inside you can get it for about € 65. Shipments are fast and free, but stocks – unfortunately – are limited: complete the order immediately to take advantage of it.

Quick Antigenic Swab available on Amazon

A test very simple to be performed at home. Each kit comes complete with everything needed to perform the check. This is the version nasal, then there is the special swab to take a minimum of mucosa from the nostrils, which will then be mixed with the supplied solution.

A few drops on the control plate and the test will be complete. After a few minutes, it will be possible to know the result.

Considering the limited availability, the possibility of getting them at this price is a real opportunity. The small escort, offers you the peace of mind of carry out a check whenever you have a doubt or before (and after) being in a potentially too crowded place.

To have the opportunity to purchase the kit for the rapid antigenic swab at € 2.60 each from Amazon, all you have to do is complete the order and take home the supply of 25 pieces for just about € 65. Shipments are absolutely free.

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