Ramón Jesurún: denies contact with Gareca and Alfaro, there are no candidates for the Colombian National Team | Colombia selection

Rumors come and go from the expected confirmation of Reinaldo Rueda’s departure from the Colombian National Team, a procedure that was finally completed this Monday.

There are many names in the media but, according to Ramón Jesurún, president of the Colombian Football Federation (FCF), none really confirmed.

This is how he spoke this Tuesday about the possible replacement of Rueda on 6AM Hoy por Hoy on Caracol Radio: “We cannot know that. The idea is as soon as possible, but you have to do it calmly. Whatever the name may be, it will arouse controversy, but what we are trying to do starting today is the search for the person we consider ideal for this process,” he said.

Regarding Gustavo Alfaro and Ricardo Gareca, two of the names that have been heard, he ruled them out: “We don’t have names. In the case of Alfaro I want to be clear: it is totally false. He has his contract with a Federation, like Ricardo Gareca. That rumor is absolutely false. There are no names or candidates although there are 30,000 calls from businessmen who have the ideal technician for us”.

So what are you looking for? “The ideal is to look for the person, hopefully specialized in national teams, although everyone had a first time. Football is one, the nationality can be anyone,” he said, which literally gives everyone options.

Regarding the option of waiting until the end of the World Cup to have more options, the director said: “it is a dilemma that exists but we cannot limit ourselves to waiting for the World Cup. We are going to try to do it as soon as possible, but calmly and with a lot of study. Whether the circumstances force us to wait for the World Cup is something else, but it’s not what we have in mind”.

zero self-criticism

While many point to the soccer board he represents, Jesurún, like Álvaro González Alzate did before, does not feel that there is any blame on his part.

“The culprits are always the managers. We gave everything we could give. When we qualified for two World Cups we weren’t the best, they didn’t even mention us, and now we’re to blame, that’s a contradiction. The FCF works on many fronts understanding that the main product and the one of most interest is the Senior Men’s National Team”, he said.

Regarding the disarticulation between adults and youth, he explained: “Since the arrival of Professor Queiroz and then with Rueda, we have always been integrated. Rueda attended practices of the Sub 17 and Sub 20. We achieved it in this period”. He hit José Pékerman, the last one who had results to show, and again a parallel reality in which those who decide in the FCF live.

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