Randy Malcom sends a message “to the upper echelons” of the Cuban government

the cuban singer Randy Malcolm sent a message to the Cuban government as a result of the protests that have been taking place since this Thursday in various parts of the island to demand electricity and water in the midst of constant blackouts.

The member of the Cuban duo Gente de Zona not only joined the criticism for the precarious situation in the countrybut also questioned the dictatorship led by Miguel Díaz-Canel for its mismanagement.

Randy Malcom began by speaking in his video posted on Instagram about the effects left by the Hurricane Ian: “My support for Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, my country, and the people here in North Florida who have also seen it very ugly.”

“Regarding Cuba, I wanted to speak directly to the highest levels of government in my country, tell them what they are doing, what they want to achieve, that is what I ask myself, what do they want to do, what is the Machiavellian idea now? they can think of”, Randy rebuked.

The artist recalled that “we have 63 years under a dictator’s yokeso we need those supposedly revolutionary governors, they say, to resign, to hand over power”.

“Don’t make a people suffer anymore that is not to blame for anything, don’t deceive them anymore saying yes the blockade. You can trade with several countries, enough already. Why is there a lockdown for meals, why is there a lockdown for people to live a normal life and why is there no lockdown to make hotels, why is there no lockdown to eat lobster among you, why is there no lockdown for electricity for you”, questioned the singer.

Randy asked the leaders if what they want is for all the people to leave to stay with the island, but at the same time he assured them: “That is not yours, that belongs to all the Cubans who are inside and outside the island. island, it belongs to them by law”.

The member of Gente Zona, who on other occasions has made it clear his position regarding the regime of the islandHe also said that the Cuban government does not respect the constitution, the people or human rights.

“The people are in misery, society is increasingly emaciated (…) People leave, more than out of necessity, because of the frustration of not being able to achieve anything. The salaries are not working, the economy is not working, the country is falling apart,” added Randy.

“I would have liked to have what I have today with my music in Cuba (…) Any artist in the world lives in his country and achieves things in his country,” Randy confessed, a sentiment shared by many Cubans in exile.

“Mr. Díaz-Canel, hand over power. You were given an atomic bomb that you don’t know how to operate. They gave you that destroyed and you do not have the capacity to lead that country”, were the words of the former member of the Charanga Habanera.

With a “Long live Cuba Libre! Homeland and Life! and Díaz-Canel, resign, you are on time, ”Randy Malcom finished his message.

After the protests that began this Thursday and the military deployment in various locations to counteract the demonstrators, several Cuban artists such as Alexander Delgado, Alexis and Claudia Valdés, Osmani García and others, have once again shared demands for freedom for their land.

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