Raúl Velasco bothered Susana Dosamantes with this comment about her legs

Raúl Velasco was in charge of debuting as a soloist at Paulina Rubio in “Always on Sunday” and on that occasion “The Golden Girl” was accompanied by her mother, Susanna Dosamantes, who despite being in the audience was bothered by the controversial driver who made a comment about his legs that many interpreted as a real case of harassment, so this time we will remember how this embarrassing chapter was.

All of this, which we will tell you about below, happened in September 1992, when Paulina Rubio was promoting her first solo album and like most artists of the time, if he wanted to be successful he had to appear on the stage of “Siempre en Domingo” and face Raúl Velasco, who was already known for being one of the greatest villains on television due to the multiple controversies that he had already starred in with his guests on his iconic program.

On that occasion, Raúl Velasco was extremely excited to be able to present as a soloist “The Golden Girl” whom he saw grow up since he was part of “Timbiriche” and after presenting a brief portrait of the singer, he pointed out that they were present at the forum Susana Dosamantes Rulthe grandmother of Paulina Rubio and her mother, Susana Dosamantes.

After congratulating and praising them for their beauty, the driver gave way to the musical number of “The Golden Girl”, who shone like never before and once his speech was over, the interview began where all the controversy originated because made some observations to Paulina Rubio regarding her physiqueHowever, many consider that he crossed the line and that it was a real case of harassment in which he also ended up talking about Susana Dosamantes.

“I was watching you on the screen and I want to tell you that I like that flirtatious mole that you underlined already now, the already darker eyebrows that give your face a more interesting touch and with the forgiveness of your mother (Susana Dosamantes), who also has sensational legs, I think you inherited them because you have beautiful legs, then it is one of the many attractions that it has and all in gold you see yourself with a lot of light on television, I have not found anything negative, I see you with loving eyes”, was the comment of the presenter of “Always on Sunday”.

During the driver’s words, the cameras of the program focused on Susana Dosamantes, who seemed to look uncomfortable with the presenter’s comments Well, as mentioned before, many consider that he crossed the line and that he came to border on harassment because in addition to talking about the physique of “La Chica Dorada”, he also had to mention the legs of the renowned soap opera actress.

After this embarrassing episode, the program that marked Paulina Rubio’s debut as a soloist ended without another setback and None of those involved spoke about it again. and this controversy only remained as one more in the long list of scandals of Raúl Velasco.

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