Rebel Wilson introduces her girlfriend on Instagram

rebel wilson girlfriend instagram

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Rebel Wilson opened the melon in BAFTA Awards 2022 when everyone wondered what had happened to his physique in the last two years. Her interest in her career aside, everyone wondered how much weight the actress had lost. She came forward:“Maybe my weight is a little different than the last time you saw me here”he said while an image of him from the last time he attended the event appeared. “This was me two years ago and since then I have made a great transformation”.

The actress has lost around 30 kilos in the last two years. As he explained in an interview to the media hollywoodreporterit was his first public appearance since he lost so much weight.

And after this, he has done the same thing again: getting ahead of a controversial issue, his new relationship.

He has found his fairytale princess

“I thought I was looking for a Disney prince… But maybe what I needed all this time is a Disney princess.”

This is how he presented his girlfriend Ramona Agruma, a businesswoman. She closed the message with #loveislove and we love it. She is absolutely right and it must be said that the smile that the two have in the photo betrays great happiness.

We love that she has anticipated and told before the speculation began, by herself, what is happening in her life. We are delighted that Rebel has fallen in love and has found a life partner with whom she is happy and she can share everything. Love is love and does not understand gender, race or distance, that is the magic of it, the power to cross any border.

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