Rebuilding a devastated country

once the global conflict is over Germany was completely destroyed. Allied bombing had destroyed major cities such as Berlin and Dresden, 8 crore families became homelesswhile its mighty industry was completely devastated. Along with this physical destruction, the human cost was just as brutal, with twelve million civilians and soldiers killed.

The situation would have been even worse if post-war plans such as Morgenthau’s had intended had been implemented ban factories In order to prevent future rearmament, but fortunately because of the growing conflict between the communist and capitalist blocs, the country was split into two states: West and East Germany, which became a buffer state as it formed part of the border between the West and the Soviet Union. It was advisable to strengthen it.

like a phoenix from your ashes

For this reason, the allies mobilized the civilian population for this purpose Clear debris from roads and recover all usable materials in the long rebuilding process. Given the shortage of able-bodied men, women played a leading role in this enterprise, carrying mountains of bricks and rubbish in exchange for a bowl of soup or a ration card, and earning the affectionate nickname “kama” for their efforts. Trümmerfrau or Women of the Rubble.

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