Red Sox favorite to rent slugger

Free agency with an eye toward the 2024 MLB season continues to feature some very interesting players. One of them is Cuban. Jorge Soler. Let us recall that El Crudo decided not to continue contractual relations with Miami Marlins and was on his way to becoming a free agent.

After what happened to Shohei Ohtani and his millionaire contract with Los Angeles Dodgers There are athletes left on the market who may not have the caliber of the Japanese, but who could be very important additions to any franchise.

Mayabekense Jorge Soler This piece attracted the attention of several groups. The Antillean player has had ups and downs in the best baseball in the world due to some physical discomfort that has overcome him. However, it would be sacrilege to overlook him when he is capable of occupying responsible positions in any composition.

Novenas New York Yankees, Toronto Blue Jays, Miami Marlins, Boston Red Sox, Seattle Mariners And Arizona Diamondbacks They were included in reports of approaches to the Caribbean Sea. But, apparently, one of them took advantage of a slight advantage in the race for the player.

Jorge Soler to the Boston Red Sox?

“SOURCE: The RedSox have been very aggressive in talking about OF/DH Jorge Soler in recent hours. Now they appear like favorites sign it. Blue Jays, Mariners, Diamondbacks continue to show interest in Cuban star player– said Hector Gomez.

Jorge Soler campaigned MLB 2023 with outstanding statistics. The slugger has a .250 batting average, with 36 home runs and 75 RBIs. Of note is the drop in strikeout rate to a record low of 27.6%.

Artillery Boston Red Sox In his final Major League appearance, he posted a .258 overall batting average with 1,437 hits. Hits included 339 doubles, 19 triples and 182 homers. The best home run producer was Rafael Deverssending 33 balls out of bounds.

Will Jorge Soler land with the Boston Red Sox? There are several options. We can only wait.

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