Removed from office the president of the French Federation who mocked Zidane

Noël Le Graët was removed from his position after multiple allegations of harassment and after mocking Zidane.

The president of the French Football Federation (FFF), Noël Le Graëthas been removed from office, amid strong pressure against him after the controversial radio interview in which he mocked Zinedine Zidane.

The fff explained that the decision is the result of an agreement between the Le Graet and the executive committee, which had met today on an exceptional basis to address the crisis over the continuity of the president.

In a statement, the Federation specified that the president is removed from his duties until the audit commissioned by the Minister of Sports is made public, Amélie Oudéa-Casteraon the governance of the institution, and in particular on the accusations against Noël Le Graët for sexual harassment of several women linked to the institution.

The general director of the FFF, Florence Hardouin and, on a provisional basis, will replace the two at the head of what until now was “number two”, Philippe Diallo.

The executive committee, on the other hand, unanimously validated the extension of the recruiter’s contract Didier Deschamps until the end of the next World Cup in July 2026.

This extension, announced on Saturday, was the last of Le Graetand the one that has triggered his departure due to the comments he made on the RMC station last Sunday when he was asked about Zidanewhose name had been considered in the past as the possible next manager of the selection bench.

The maintenance of Noël Le Graët as president he had become unsustainable in the face of the charges that rained down on him from different sports bodies and from the Government, although the latter could not formally depose him.

Today, the spokesman for the Executive, Olivier Veranhad pointed out that “a federation like the fff deserves a president who is up to the task and who allows French football to be portrayed all over the world”.

Véran, who said he was speaking in his personal capacity, reaffirmed the position of the Sports Minister, who has spared no criticism of Le Graet in recent days by his words about Zidane and for other problems that have been dragging on for a long time.

More directly, the president of the FFF’s National Council of Ethics had demanded his resignation, Patrick Anton.

Le Graet had appeared this Tuesday before the General Inspectorate of Education, Sports and Investigation in charge of preparing the audit claimed by Oudéa-Castera on the practices of the president of the fff.

In particular, due to the complaints of sexual harassment of several women who have worked or have been linked to the federation, such as the sports agent sonia souidwho has complained that Noel Le Graet he saw her not as the professional that she is, but “as two tits and an ass”.

Le Graetwho is 81 years old, has been in office since 2011 and his term expires in 2024. Although he had been questioned for some time, his position had abruptly deteriorated with his statements on Sunday about Zidaneand this despite the fact that he later apologized to what is already a symbol of French football.

When the possibility was raised that Zidane choose to go train at another club or another team, once it has been extended until 2026 Didier DeschampsHe stated: “I don’t give a damn, let him go wherever he wants! He can go wherever he wants, to a club…”.

But it did not stay there. When asked if he had spoken with Zizou, he indicated that, if he had called him, “I would not have even picked up the phone”, because he would have said: “Hello sir, don’t worry, find another club, I’ll stay with Didier”.

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