Residents of Meridian Heights in DC Denounce Rats, Leaks and More – NBC Washington DC (44)

A group of residents of the Meridian Heights complex in northeast DC came together to again denounce the inhumane conditions in which they have lived for years.

As reported exclusively to Telemundo 44, the pests have taken over their homes while the roof is falling apart.

“Mice problems, cockroaches, bedbugs and liquefy problems. We have put several complaint And if they come to fix it, but momentarily. The problem remains the same,” said Osmel Rodríguez, one of the affected residents.

“They have kept us living like animals and they demand that we pay the rent. They have even raised our rent,” explained a resident who preferred to remain anonymous.

In fact, it is a situation that this outlet has followed closely over the years and that tenants say is affecting their health.

“I suffer from allergies in my throat and nose,” said Juana Reyes.

Many of the neighbors are facing eviction orders that are pending in court because, for two years, they have refused to pay their rent until they make the deep repairs that are needed.

UIP, which manages the Meridian Heights complex, conducted inspections in 2020 and 2021 in conjunction with the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs and found dozens of violations of the city’s housing code. The UIP company says it has invested thousands of dollars to make the improvements.

Telemundo 44 contacted the administration of Mayor Muriel Bowser and the director of the Office of Latino Affairs, Eduardo Perdomo, went to the building this afternoon to verify the complaints from the tenants.

“What corresponds to us now is to connect this situation with the attorney general here in Washington DC because there is a fine against the building and those who manage the building that has not been paid. So, there are inspections that the cases have not been closed,” the official explained.

We also asked the company UIP for responses and they responded that they “invest a lot of time, effort and resources to maintain their properties and respond to maintenance requests.”

The company added that “we have a good team of maintenance professionals and contractors to address the problems that arise.” However, they did not offer responses to specific complaints from the residents of the complex.

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