Reviews: Reviews of “What will become of the summer” and “My last adventure” (Sala Lugones)

Director of a simple adventure (2017) premiered this travel film between Argentina, France and Cameroon in the Forum section of the Berlinale 2021, which later won the award for Best Feature Film at the BAFICI Argentine Competition that year. From this Thursday, July 21, it will be exhibited in 7 unique functions together with the short my last adventurewhich won the Grand Prize of the International Competition in that same edition of the Buenos Aires festival.

-What will happen in the summer? (Argentina/2021). Direction: Ignacio Ceroi. With Ignacio Ceroi, Mariana Martinelli and Charles Louvet. Script: Ignacio Ceroi and Mariana Martinelli. Photography: Ignacio Ceroi, Mariana Martinelli and Charles Louvet. Edition: Ignacio Ceroi and Hernán Roselli. Sound: Hernán Biasotti. Production: Cecilia Pisano (Eskimo Cinema) and Jerónimo Quevedo (Un Puma). Duration: 86 minutes. Seven unique functions in the Lugones Hall of San Martín (Av. Corrientes 1530): Thursday 21, Friday 22, Saturday 23 and Sunday 24, at 9:00 p.m.; Tuesday 26, Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28, at 6 p.m. ★★★✩✩

when it premiered a simple adventure In the 2017 BAFICI International Competition we noticed in this FUC graduate the influence of Mariano Llinás. This influence is even more evident in what will become of the summera labyrinthine film that always follows unsuspected paths.

It all begins when Mariana, the director’s girlfriend, “unilaterally” decides to travel to France for a year to do a doctorate. In December 2019, Ceroi goes to visit her in Toulouse with the idea of ​​staying the three months that the European Union allows visitors before considering them illegal immigrants. Upon his arrival, the protagonist buys a second-hand handycam in which he finds some videos of his previous owner, a French retiree living in Montpellier named Charles. He contacts him, asks for permission to make a film from those images and also asks him to write to him telling him a little about his life and what that material meant at different times.

At first, we see Charles walking his dogs (Ham and Cheese, in honor of his passion for sandwiches) and we learn part of his past: a couple named Margaux, former employee of an Airbus factory, owner of a storage company quickly bankrupt, chauffeur for the French embassy in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon. From Buenos Aires to the France of the Yellow Vests and from there to the African jungle in search of a young soldier belonging to the rebel militias for a return to Argentina on a repatriation flight in the midst of a pandemic, what will become of the summer it turns out to be a not so simple adventure, a film of entanglements, bifurcations and growing complications.

Between the personal diary, the ethnographic documentary, fiction with literary airs and adventure films, Ceroi builds an occasionally entertaining and funny story in which you never know how much is real and how much is part of a fable, always appealing to a playful spirit , a self-confidence and an ability to get the most out of the minimum resources that you end up being grateful for.

my last adventure (Argentina/2021). Script and direction: Ezequiel Salinas and Ramiro Sonzini. Cast: Ignacio Tamagno, Octavio Bertone, Martín Sappia and La Flecha. Photography: Ezequiel Salinas. Editing: Ramiro Sonzini. Sound: Federico Disandro. Music: Chébere, Eduardo Gelfo and his Happy Leo Quartet, and Trulalá. Duration 15 minutes. ★★★★✩

A nocturnal and almost desolate Córdoba. Two friends who pull off the big heist (well, a heist) by stealing a bag full of silver from the boss. A goodbye. A motorcycle getaway. An imprint that refers us in different planes to Robert Bresson, Bruno Dumont and the Asian cinema of a Hou Hsiao-hsien or a Tsai Ming-liang, but with popular songs in the background (Chébere, Trulalá, Eduardo Gelfo and El Feliz Cuarteto Leo ). Music, melancholy and cinephilia. An irresistible cocktail.

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