Ricardo Crespo: after a 19-year sentence, authorities fear that he will commit suicide

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In February 2021, news paralyzed the entertainment world, when ex-Garibaldi was arrested, Ricardo Crespo for consecutively abusing his own 14-year-old daughter.

Now more than a year after his arrest, the actor from series such as “Control Z” was sentenced by a judge to 19 years in prison for the crime of aggravated sexual abuse against her daughter Valentina from when she was 5 years old until she was 14, This was announced by the victim’s defense, the RPRC Lawyers office.

But now that the sentence has been pronounced, Ricardo “N” is in a situation of total depression, extreme, to such an extent that he has come to comment that he wants to take his own life, journalist Jorge Carbajal revealed on his “En Shock” program.

Given this situation, the communicator commented that the authorities have taken action on the matter so that the singer of the project “The gentlemen sing” fulfills his sentence: : “Obviously they have him very closely watched right now because, well, someone who is already expressing that, well, you have to keep a close eye on him so that he doesn’t do anything stupid, but he’s at that level of depression.”.

Ricardo Crespo’s daughter is relieved by the sentence

When the verdict was announced, the victim’s lawyer spoke to “Ventaneando” about his client’s first impressions upon learning that Ricardo “N” would be 19 years in prison.

The litigant, Sergio Ramírez, assured that the young woman feels relieved with the decision of the Mexico City court regarding the case.

And it is that the victim, Valentina revealed that it took so long to denounce her father, andbecause the actor blackmailed her that he was going to commit suicide if he told his mother anything.

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