Rich in vitamins and minerals, this spring vegetable is an ally of heart and bones but which could interfere with thyroid health

The vegetable that we will see in this article is one of the most cultivated in the world. Despite the progress of knowledge, also thanks to the Internet, we do not know exactly its origins. Someone places its birth in distant China at the time of the emperors of antiquity. Probably an aura of mystery and fantasy, to provide a pedigree for what is still one of the most beneficial vegetables for our health. We are used to praising it and consuming it, especially in the summer, in rich and healthy salads. But as science points out, taking too much of it could lead to major changes in the thyroid. So let’s try to understand with our Experts, how to behave and what advice to listen to.

Rapanello or radish nothing changes in terms of health

Even many adults are still struck by the question of whether we say radish or radish. In terms of terms, absolutely nothing changes and in both cases this edible root is one of the largest mines of vitamin C. For centuries it has been known as a health ally because it has important detoxifying and purifying properties. This vegetable, due to the presence of many healthy nutrients, would be at the center of the most modern and advanced research on bowel cancer prevention.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, this spring vegetable is an ally of heart and bones but which could interfere with thyroid health

With its slightly spicy taste, able to prick the tongue, the radish has that typical red color that also denotes its variety. It is a typical vegetable in spring, even if we find it on the market now all year round, and if we want to bring a fresh seasonal food to the table, it is one of the best. At one time our grandmothers advised us not to eat too many, because by irritating the intestine, they would cause bloating and flatulence. But as doctors and experts remind us, beware that an exaggerated intake of radish could counteract the daily activity of the thyroid.

Why does radish pinch

Rich in vitamins and minerals, our children don’t like this spring vegetable so much because it tingles. Sensation due to some substances with an almost unpronounceable name, but which for the radish are a real defensive barrier. The itch it causes also serves to defend the plant from natural predators and parasites that could attack it. Just to soothe the itch and make the radish even more digestible, we could make it jump a few seconds in a heated pan.


The unknown fruit full of precious minerals that burns the most fat of all

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