Richest wrestler in the world, the top 10 with the ranking of wrestlers


Who are i already rich wrestlers of the world? The world of wrestling is a big circus around which there is a lot of money. The golden age of WWE, then WWF, is certainly long over, but Mr. McMahon and associates certainly did not go bankrupt and his champions still manage to pay them very well. Let’s see who are the highest paid.

Richest wrestler, the ranking

There is not only the WWEIndeed, recently the success of AEW is depopulating, a new federation that already boasts important engagements, above all perhaps the last on the list, namely that of CM Punk. We will see, however, perhaps in the next turnover if the ranking will have to be updated, so for now let’s focus on the wrestlers who are currently the highest paid. Of course, some names in the rankings not only boast WWE entries, in fact we are talking about faces now so well known that they have pierced the screen and the big screen, but let’s not get lost in further chatter. Here then is the wrestler already rich in the world.

10 – Randy Orton, 11 million
9 – Batista, 13 million
8 – The Undertaker, 17 million
7 – Big Show, 20 million
6 – Brock Lesnar, 22 million
5 – Hulk Hogan, 25 million
4 – Stone Cold Steve Austin, 30 million
3 – Triple H, 40 million
2 – John Cena, 55 million
1 – The Rock Dwayne Johnson, 350 million


Highest paid wrestlers, final thoughts

In light of this ranking, we cannot fail to make some considerations. We have seen that the money goes up when the wrestler accompanies his career as a wrestler to that of an actor. Randy Orton he did not break through in this sense, he made few films and mostly unknown. For this reason it is probably in the last place of the top ten. Batista we would certainly have expected it higher, but it is very likely that this ranking is to be updated at the end of the year, since now the good Dave does not stop anymore, from Drax to Dune, from action movies, to the post apocalyptic fantasy of See with Momoa.

Also Undertaker he did not make a career in cinema, the same goes for Lesnar, while Big Show boasts numerous participations and some real sit com style series with all his family. Hulk Hogan needs no introduction, Stone Cold instead he is perhaps the one who has made the most films of all, but never successful, and his many earnings have in fact been deserved by almost everyone in the ring, being probably the greatest of all time. For Triple H the speech is a bit different, in addition to being a fighter he is above all now a WWE executive, and therefore holds a different position compared to his colleagues. John Cena, after being the image man, is now an established actor and already boasts some successful titles. Same speech, but expanded to the nth degree for The Rock, simply the highest paid actor in Hollywood, and to consider him still a wrestler now risks being ungenerous towards his colleagues, given his current disproportionate earnings.

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