Ricky Martin’s nephew asks his lawyer to resign

Just over a week until the deadline given by the Court of First Instance in San Juan to satisfy requests or requirements related to the discovery of written evidence in the civil suit filed by the artist Ricky Martin against his nephew dennis sanchez martinHe submitted a motion requesting the resignation of his attorney Michael Corona.

According to the handwritten document, the defendants allege there was an “irretrievable breakdown of trust” in the attorney-client relationship.

“Honorable Judge, through this motion, I request the immediate resignation of Mr. Michael Corona due to the irreparable breach of trust in our attorney-client relationship. On the other hand, I request an extension of the written discovery of evidence which expires on January 16, so that my next legal representation can use it effectively,” the motion dated today said.

Michael Corona assumed legal representation of Dennis Sanchez Martin in March 2023 when the court analyzes whether the young man is eligible to represent himself.

On December 18, in a status hearing by videoconference, Judge Arnaldo Castro Callejo warned the legal representation of the singer and his nephew that they had until Tuesday, Tuesday to finalize any requests related to the discovery of written evidence for this stage. There will be time till 16th January. The process does not continue to be “broken”.

The judge also indicated that the deadline for discovery of evidence would be June 28 this year.

“I have no problem being flexible with regard to the search, but they are sending me enquiries, supplementary enquiries, admission requests. A series of jobs are being divided that should have been addressed in a matter of context to the economy. Same as order. I have responded relatively quickly to all of their requests for orders, but it seems to me that they need to recognize what is happening in the context of discovery of written evidence because we cannot send a new interrogator every time we receive a reply. Can,” he said then. Castro Callejo.

At the hearing, Ricky Martin was represented by Dora Monserrate and Dennis Sanchez Martin was represented by Michael Corona.

Ricky Martin sued his nephew for extortion, malicious prosecution, abuse of rights and damages. The demand is around $20 million.

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