Rihanna as Marvel Comics superhero thanks to Artificial Intelligence

Discover how we created this new component of the Spider-Verse, its image and origin, thanks to Artificial Intelligence

When we talk about Artificial Intelligence, the truth is that a universe of possibilities opens before us. Let’s say it’s our pocket Multiverse in which we can let our imagination run wild. Thanks to new technology and this impressive leap from text-generating AIs to image-creating AIswe have decided that both let their hypothetical imagination fly by following the steps that we have marked out for them.

We wanted to start this new section on famous and popular characters such as superheroes of the MCU Y marvel comicsas of the DCU Y DC Comicswith an icon of the music industry and a sex symbol in networks, Rihanna.

For this we frame the character within Marvel and specifically, within the Spider-Verse. From there, and giving specific and logical orders to both AI, the magic comes true and we have what could be a great addition as a character.

It’s amazing how both AIs are weaving around our orders a whole new character based on the famous singer and on the parameters of Marvel superheroes. The result is shocking and above all somewhat disturbing. What these AIs are capable of is so far-reaching and vast in magnitude that we are not yet aware of. But let’s stop rambling and get to work.

The AI ​​used have been ChatGPT to generate the text, and Dreamlike Art to generate the images that you are going to see below.

Artificial Intelligence - Spider-Ri - Rihanna - Marvel Comics - UCM

She is ‘Spider Ri‘, our new superheroine based on the famous singer that we present to you below, and that would be our first bet since La Casa de EL as a new character from La Casa de las ideas.

This is your story created by ChatGPT, a story to which we were asking more questions based on the story he was telling us. Some parts of the text have been enriched to give it a grateful and coherent reading, because the AI ​​usually expresses itself in a concise and very formal way, sometimes with very specific details.

This is his story:

Rihanna grew up in a dangerous neighborhood of Bridgetown, barbadosand she always had to be a tough and resourceful girl from childhood in order to survive and provide a livelihood for her precarious family.

He turned to music as a way of expressing himself. It was her way out, her escape from a world that consumed her. With time and a lot of effort, she became a world-famous singer, known for her unique style, racial appeal, and powerful voice.

One day, during a tour of New Yorkwas invited to a private event of the mayor kingpin. The controversial mayor had organized an exclusive and private pass for some of the most important members of the city. The photographer for the shoot was Peter Parker, also known as New Yorkers neighbor and friend Spidey. But that day would end up being tragic.

An insurgent group against the Kingpin, who is openly against how this criminal exercises his power, attacked the room where the mayor and the singer were. This room was located above a secret laboratory where the Kingpin experimented with radioactive spiders.

During the fight, in which Spider-Man was involved, the instance was heavily damaged, leaving the way for the radioactive spiders below to escape the lab. They all scattered except one.

This one approached an unconscious Rihanna. There was little the singer could do when a radioactive spider bit her. At first he didn’t give it much thought and went on with his tour as usual after the terrible altercation at his private performance with the mayor. However, he soon began to notice strange changes in his body. She was stronger, faster, and more agile than ever.

When she began to experiment with her new powers, the singer realized that she could climb walls and shoot webs from her wrists. She also had heightened senses, allowing her to sense danger from a distance just like Spider-Man.

Artificial Intelligence - Spider-Ri - Rihanna - Marvel Comics - UCM

Rihanna is Spider-Ri

Feeling the responsibility to use his powers for good, Rihanna decided to become a superhero. He donned an elegant black and red suit and took the name of Spider Ri. In this way, she became part of the Spider-Verse as a spider woman.

This heroine has long curly black hair and brown eyes.. Sometimes her mane is dyed in bright colors. She is known for her edgy fashion sense, often incorporating leather and metal into her superhero outfit.

With his mighty voice and formidable powers, Spider Ri fights to protect the African American community and uphold justice. The superhero singer quickly became a force to be reckoned with and a symbol of hope for all in need.

Did you like it? The truth is that, for the moment, the AI ​​hasn’t really worked its head off to grant an origin, but at least the way to do it is very well linked to Rihanna’s profession.

Now we leave you with the appearance that the AI Dreamlike Art about what the singer would look like in a superhero uniform. We gave him some initial indications, but then the AI ​​showed itself in all its splendor giving us several alternatives.

Tell us on our Telegram channel which one you liked the most. we leave you with Spider-Ri!

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