Rihanna enjoys life and supports A$AP Rocky on his tour!

Rihanna was seen in Portugal at a concert by her beau, A$AP Rocky. And the young mother is having a good time away from the USA.

Rihanna is now a mom. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t follow her darling A$AP Rocky on her world tour. She was seen in Portugal enjoying life. But the singer is very discreet.

Rihanna: her life as a mom

We know that Rihanna gave birth a few months ago. But the singer still haven’t posted anything on his Instagram account or otherwise to introduce his son to the world. In an interview for HollywoodLife, a source close to the couple explained that they did not want to put their face on.

It must be said that the singer is very discreet about her private life. “IHe is still very young and she is still managing the transition to motherhood. Rihanna is extremely protective of her baby and she only lets a select group of close friends and family meet him.”

This source confirmed the singer’s aversion to the networks. ” With few exceptions, Rihanna hasn’t been one to share much of her personal life on social media. She learns and takes each day as it comes, but is dedicated to being the best mother possible. “.

Despite her global success, the 34-year-old young woman try to keep your feet on the ground. And enjoy life without talking about it on all its networks. Recently, she made her first appearance since giving birth which took place in May.

Rihanna, who is a billionaire, wants to continue his family and social life. We therefore saw her alongside her darling A$AP Rocky during one of her summer concerts. And the latter was taking place in Portugal for a festival!

A$AP Rocky on tour, his darling follows him

A$AP Rocky is on tour. In a week, he will also be in France. For the Lollapalooza festival. But for now, the rapper is in Berlin. And on a video, we can see Rihanna at her concert enjoying her sounds.

She was there to applaud her darling but several hours later, she ended up in a club. The singer appeared with a bunt in his hands enjoying the atmosphere. Sunglasses on the eyes to be more discreet.

But of course, this video was relayed on social networks. Apparently, the new mom still knows how to have a good time. It’s unclear if Rihanna is following A$Ap Rocky on her entire European tour. But if the answer is yes, good news.

This would mean that the singer could be on French territory within a few days. In any case, if for the moment, the young mother encourages her darling, we hope that she will also return to the front of the stage.

Indeed, since 2016, Rihanna has not released anything. And it’s getting long. Will she return to the studio? For the moment, nothing is done! You will therefore have to be patient. The singer’s fans can’t expect a new album yet.

However, seeing her on stage again would be a real treat! Case to follow.

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