Rihanna: is her marriage to her fiancé A$AP Rocky imminent?

According to several sources who confided in The Sun, the marriage between Rihanna and A$AP Rocky could happen soon.

Can we do better than Rihanna in terms of happiness? The question may arise. Indeed, the artist lives his best life and is expecting his first child. In addition to that, the singer could soon marry A$AP Rocky.

The controversy that makes people talk

But when we talk about happiness, we can also talk about the dark side for the interpreter of Umbrella. Indeed, when a woman is pregnant, it is strongly advised not to consume alcohol.

Just like smoking cigarettes for example. However, a few days ago, Rihanna posted a video causing a big controversy. Indeed, the darling of A$AP Rocky appeared with a mask on her head in her bathroom, and a funny object in her hand.

It was of a cup in which there was a kind of champagne. It was enough for Internet users to cry foul and attack the singer. But she was probably expecting these criticisms.

And was quick to react by ensuring that she had not drunk a single drop of alcohol. Indeed, what was in her glass was none other than a drink which she loves and which does not have alcohol. Moreover, Riri revealed the name of the drink.

In order to get everyone to agree and put an end to the criticism. The drink that Rihanna drank would actually be Ginger Ale Fever-Tree. It is a non-alcoholic ginger drink, filled with natural ingredients. Far from the glass of champagne!

So here is the real story behind this liquid that has sparked so much controversy. Having put an end to the rumors, the artist can therefore enjoy the last months of pregnancy that remains to him without worrying about criticism.

Rihanna: is her marriage to her fiancé A$AP Rocky imminent?
Rihanna: is her marriage to her fiancé A$AP Rocky imminent?

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky soon to be married?

But what also makes his fans talk a lot is his relationship with A$AP Rocky. Indeed, Rihanna is expecting her first child with her companion. In addition to this future arrival, another good news fell.

In a few months, Riri and her darling should say “yes” to each other. Besides, the rapper officially asked for the hand of his dear and tender in his latest clip. But was it a buzz shot or a real request?

Well according to The Sun, the request would be more than concrete. Indeed, our colleagues ensure that many sources have confirmed that the event was approaching. In addition, the artist would have already warned many photographers whom she considers close friends.

So that they show themselves free at the time of the wedding and capture beautiful moments between the two bride and groom. Another source indicates that this should be done soon. Probably once she has given birth in order to have a perfect figure.

On the other hand, we will not have to expect a party filled with people. Rihanna should invite his family circle and some friends. But we shouldn’t expect diners like we saw at the last Miami Grand Prix. He will still have to wait a little longer. Before seeing the union really happen and the magical moments shared by the couple.

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