Rihanna Loves A$AP Rocky for First Fashion Show!

Rapper A$AP Rocky is getting more and more into fashion, and his company Rihanna is ready to help him keep his sons!

Toujour also admires the creative projects of Cherie’s son A$AP Rocky, Rihanna est à Fond derrière lui pour son tout Premiere Défilé. MCE TV will tell you from A to Z!

Annie Risch makes her debut in the film “Emotions for Rihanna”

Parmi, celebrities who felt that plus or minus was walking down the road from my last days, and they found it difficult to quote Rihanna. And for a reason: famous singers adore feu de projectors, and do not consider that pas-se-hours for gâter-ses-fans with from new ambitious projects !

These are our days, our avons par example appris qu’elle venait d’etre nommée new perfume composition “J’adore” from Dior. And this more than merit pour this true music icon!

In terms of time indicators, she is among the best in history with music record in art nouveau style. Décidément, elle ne Cesse d’affoler les Compteurs!

At the same time, Rihanna is also being exiled to China to promote propaganda. cosmetic brand Fenty Beauty. This goes on all fronts!

Neanmoins, Tout n’a pas été rose for her debut anniversary. Loin de la, meme…

Essentially this is a designation Met Gala 2024 Venue Announcement, alors qu’elle était l’une des stars les plus parties. A real surprise!

And finally, the American singer is equally album Repoussé la sortie de son visited after 8 years. Ce qui ne devrait clairement pas rejouir ses fan, qui pourraient start a perdre patience!

Quoi qu’il en soit, elle était bien presente au Premiere release from A$AP Rocky’s son pour a souvenir. MCE TV vous en dit plus!

Singer on the first line of pimp A$AP Rocky

After being introduced to the music, rapper A$AP Rocky is rehearsing the style with the AWGE brand. And in those moments when I was in terrible power, it was that there was no lezine sur les moyens puisqu’il, an organized return and fashion show for the presenter. The entire premiere collection !

Spectators ont d’ailleurs appreciate the presence of Rihanna, who is Assis-sur-la-premier-rangue admire the creations of Sheri’s son. She is the premiere support for rice!

Thus, we have an equal opportunity to see the ribambels of other stars such as Pusha T, Hamza or Maluma for an encore. Il faut dire que ce ce défilé était un évènement quasi immanquable for fans of famous rappers!

Mais c’est bel et bien Rihanna qui clothes to all with respect These are khaki bomber jackets with a white robe. and etc. sa new gray hair. A look that is impossible to pass without opening, and this aurait presque pu faire de l’ombre aux mannequins qui défilaient!

Quoi qu’il en soit, ensemble of singers more epanui than ever Here are the songs I love by A$AP Rocky, featuring two kids. Source of news information in the magazine People pass “Autant de temps que perhaps, with children and parents. Ils sont très heureux at this stage of the relationship”. Espérons pour eux que cette belle histoire se poursuive encore longtemps!