Rihanna, Madonna, Taylor Swift… Here are the richest singers in 2022!

He is there, the classification of the American magazine Forbes of the richest singers in 2022. And it starts in style since the first place is attributed to our bad girl favorite Rihanna, with an estimated fortune of, hang on, $1.4 billion. So of course, she hasn’t released anything since her album “Anti” in 2016, but she has conquered the beauty sphere with her label “Fenty Beauty” and the world of lingerie with “Savage x Fenty”. “Shine bright like a diamond”, she sang in 2012, well ten years later she shines more than ever!

Then comes in second place the queen of pop, also queen of botox, Madonna. The performer of multiple hits such as “Like a virgin” or “Vogue” has an estimated fortune of $575 million. We are far from Rihanna but the numbers still make you dizzy.

She is closely followed by Taylor Swift who has the merit of releasing albums at a fairly steady pace. In 2020, the ex-country singer released two albums in stride, “Evermore” and “Floklore”. For once, Taylor Swift owes her jackpot of 570 million dollars only to her musical talents and that is to be applauded.

Fourth place awarded to our Quebec version of pop queen Céline Dion, the only Canadian in the ranking, who has an estimated fortune of $470 million. And finally, Beyoncé in fifth place with an estimated fortune of $450 million. An amount that could soon climb with the upcoming release of Queen B’s seventh studio album, “Act 1: RENAISSANCE”, on July 29.

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