Rihanna soon to be a mom: she reveals a childhood snapshot for a very special occasion

Rihanna is pregnant and fans are eagerly awaiting the birth of the divine child. Rihanna, after having kept her pregnancy a secret, now very often shares pictures of her baby bump. But on April 6, the star paused her belly shots to pay tribute to one of the most important people in her life.

Two moms for the price of one. In January, Rihanna revealed that she was pregnant with her first child, appearing on the streets of New York, the baby bump in the wind, alongside his companion, A$AP Rocky. The pictures of the star had obviously gone around the world in a few minutes. And since the barbadian singer exposed her sweet secret, she no longer deprives herself. Passing through Paris as part of Fashion Week, the interpreter of Diamonds had multiplied the public appearances proudly leaving the leading role to her rounded belly.

In the columns of SHE American, the singer who celebrated her 34th birthday on February 20 had also done a few rare confidences on the way she managed her pregnancy. “There are days with and days without. Especially during the third trimester, you wake up and you’re like ‘ah, do I have to get dressed?’ Makeup helps me feel like a real person.”, admitted Rihanna with a touch of irony.

“Celebrating her every moment”

The pregnant diva continues to raise the enthusiasm of her audience. Which forgot to ask him about this new album that he has been waiting for for years. Queen Rihanna, armed with her strong temperament, has long since brought her troops to heel, she does what she wants, when she wants and fears no one…or almost “ I’m not afraid of anyone in this world, except my mother who terrifies me. She called me two days ago and lectured me about two nude photos my friend Melissa posted on Instagram(…) She became mad with rage and I was embarrassed, as if I was being argued in front of the whole class “, had one day entrusted the singer to the magazine She.

Relations between Monica Braithwaite and her daughter have since calmed down. The singer took hold of her prettiest feather on April 6 to celebrate her mother’s birthday with tenderness. “Today is my Queen’s birthday!!! Being about to become a mother myself has unlocked new levels of love and respect that I have for my mom, in a way I could never explain! She is the real personality of importance and I want to celebrate her every second! I love you darling mom!!! Happy birthday ! “, said the singer in the caption of an adorable childhood snapshot on which they both appear. For the most beautiful gift, it will however be necessary to wait for the birth of the baby, but it should not delay any longer …

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