Ringing ears or muffled noises? Here’s what we can do

Ringing ears and perception of muffled noises – these are symptoms that can have various origins. Here’s how to fix it.

The main hearing disorders arise after a sound trauma. By this we do not simply mean a deafening and sudden noise near the ear, but also an improper use of headphones. It often happens in fact of wanting to isolate oneself through music and – to avoid hearing surrounding sounds – we tend to increase the volume of the phone considerably.

Ringing in the ears and muffled noises (Cerusilin)
Ringing in the ears and muffled noises (Cerusilin)

The sound – brought to its maximum potential – reaches the ears directly through the headphones. At this point, such trauma causes the damage to hair cells, the main ones responsible for our perception of sound. The first sound disturbances arise from this apparently harmless attitude, such as the perception of muffled noises and classic whistles. Let’s explore the topic together.

Ears: beware of too loud noises

It is certainly difficult to give up loud music, yet it would be better to scale its use. The headphones in fact – if taken to the maximum – they can turn out terribly dangerous for our auditory system. Furthermore, these are problems that materialize over time and are therefore difficult to identify. The moment we hear a lesser degree of the sounds around us, probablyand the worst is done and our hearing will now be damaged.

Ears (Dream Guide)
Ears (Dream Guide)

To avoid serious consequences, it is necessary to purchase devices that communicate to the owner the limit not to be exceeded. Nowadays, there are smartphones that alert the subject when he turns up the volume ad a potentially dangerous decibel. Once communicated, the owner should lower the volume, so as to allow the ear canal to absorb the correct sound waves. Choose not to listen to communication sent by the deviceor, it means exposing the auditory system to sound trauma.

It is a transformation of our mentality, in order to be aware that that attitude that appears harmless to us, in a few years it could cause us some serious listening problems. For example, when we begin to hear muffled noises and whistles, the best behavior would lie in the interruption of the music. Always remember to rest your ear canal.

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