Rocío Osorno uses a cream for hemorrhoids on her face

Rocio Osorno has posted on his account instagram a picture of her makeup bag showing a ointment that has caught the attention of his followers. The influencer, who has a million and a half followers, uses a hemorrhoid cream to treat dark circles, something that has surprised even the most active pharmacists on social networks.

William Martinbetter known on social media as Enraged Pharmacyhas published a video in which he explains that you should not follow the beauty advice of Osorno, although these ointments have “active principles that can help to reduce the eye bags“. He warns between jokes: “Be careful, they should not be used for this, one eye is not the same as the ‘other'”.

In his explanatory video, the pharmacist explains the dangers of using this cream in the face. “This ointment has hydrocortisonewhich is a corticosteroid, and also lidocaine that should not be used continuously because it could be absorbed” ending up in the blood. Martín ends his video stating emphatically: “The medicines They are formulated for a specific use. If it says rectal, it is rectal, period.”

The Hemorrhoid Cream Myth

The truth is that the idea of Rocio Osorno, As surprising as it may seem, it is not new. For years many influencers, including Hollywood actresses like Sandra Bullock either Jennifer Anistonhave claimed to use this type of ointment as if from a eye contour in question, becoming one of the beauty hoaxes more widespread on social networks that, according to specialists, should be permanently banished.

With your app, you are women intend to put an end to eye bagsthe bagsthe Crow’s feet waves expression wrinkles that appear with age. Among the arguments they use to justify its use, they affirm that it manages to eliminate the puffiness of dark circlesdark spots and wrinkles fine. However, as the specialist explains, this ointment is formulated to treat hemorrhoids, swollen veins in the anus, not to be used on the face.

To treat dark circles or crow’s feet there are other types of creams specially formulated to treat this sensitive area of ​​the face since using a medication for hemorrhoids can cause irritation, contact dermatitis, clog pores or cause sensitivity in the area. Rectal ointments are a medicine whose aesthetic use, such as that given Osorno and other famous women, is not recommended under any circumstances.

The information published in Redacción Médica contains affirmations, data and statements from official institutions and health professionals. However, if you have any questions related to your health, consult your corresponding health specialist.

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