Rosalía, Rauw Alejandro reveal a surprise in the video of ‘Beso’

“Kiss” and count: Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro are engaged.

The Spanish flamenco singer and the Puerto Rican pop star revealed their engagement Friday in the intimate music video for their new song, “Beso,” a single from their joint EP, “RR,” which dropped the same day.

The video consists of intimate behind-the-scenes clips that the globe-trotting couple filmed on their phones, combined with footage from concerts and other everyday moments. In the final seconds, a teary-eyed Rosalía appears in a low-light selfie video removing her smeared mascara and showing her engagement ring and what appears to be a red box of Cartier rings. She then turns the camera to say “I love you” and kiss Alejandro.

“Oh Lord! And all the mascara here smeared!”says the “Motomami” singer, sharing her disbelief and referring to her smeared makeup.

Rosalía and Alejandro, both 30 years old, also shared the snippet on their Instagram accounts, writing in Spanish, that after three years together, “RR” finally came out.

“Here are these 3 songs made with all the love in the world 💝 I hope you enjoy this little bit of us,” they said.

“MOTOMARRIED,” a fan aptly wrote in the comments.

Rapper Cardi B took to her Instagram Stories to share her well wishes, reposting the video and writing, “so adorable it almost made me cry.”

The artists made their relationship official on social networks in September 2021. In October, Alejandro made a surprise appearance at the Inglewood stop of Rosalía’s Motomami World tour, catching her off guard on the YouTube Theater stage. (That affectionate moment is also included in the “Kiss” video.)

The Grammy- and Latin Grammy-winning artist has collaborated in the past with Alejandro — a reggaeton superstar who updated the genre with an electric twist — including on her earworm “Chicken Teriyaki,” which he co-wrote. But, as she told The Times’ Suzy Exposito in 2022, she held off on immediately releasing music as a duo.

The Grammy and Latin Grammy-winning artist has collaborated in the past with Alejandro, a reggaeton superstar who updated the genre with an electric twist, including on his earworm “Chicken Teriyaki,” which he co-wrote. But, as he told Suzy Exposito of The Times in 2022, she held back from immediately releasing music as a duo.

“Mixing feelings in business is very complicated,” he said at the time. “Our connection is very strong, but we are still learning from each other and building a foundation.”

“RR”, a tribute to the couple’s first initials, consists of three songs: “Beso”, “Vampiros” and “Promesa”.

To read this note in Spanish click here.

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